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BACKSTORY: An electronic shelf label (ESL) system is used by retailers for displaying product pricing on shelves. The product pricing are automatically updated whenever a price is changed from a central control server. Typically, electronic display modules are attached to the front edge of retail shelving.

The ESL market has been expected to witness a growth throughout 2024 when global ESL industry are forecast to register more than 16% CAGR.[1] The majority of end users for ESL belongs to the retail industry. The wide range of users ranges from groceries market, hardware stores, sports equipment, furniture, consumer appliances, and electronic and gadgets. This forecast growth is due to the increasing adoption of ESL by the retail industry as ESL are made more easily accessible for retail chains due to the reduction in pricing over time.[2] With the rapid increase in the inclusion of Internet of things technology in the retail industry, with over 79% of retailers in the North America alone investing in ESL and people counter. 72% of these retailers in North America have plans to reinvent the supply chain management through adoption of ESL in their stores, thereby accelerating the market growth of ESL. Further studies show that Europe currently dominates the ESL market in terms of size, with over one-third of the total market share in 2017, due to the strong presence of domestic and multinational retailers in the region.[3] However the market in APAC is expected to grow at the highest CAGR within the forecast period. The ESL market in the APAC region is segmented into China, Japan, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, and the rest of the region; the only prominent countries with significant market potential are China, Japan, Australia, Singapore, and South Korea.[4] Additionally, the expansion of large scale retailers in the region is responsible for the expected high growth rate of the market.[5] A study led by ABI Research said that the global ESL market could reach US$2 billion by 2019.[6] (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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Digital Price Tickets and
Electronic Price Tickets by title see

Perforation-Mount Digital Price Tag
Wrist Watch Display Digital Signage at Kohls
” Electronic Store Hours Default to Tilt-Mode
” Digital Price Ticket For Out-Of-Stock Items
” Staggered Productstop Digital Price Tickets
” Slot-Mount Razor Display With Digital Price Tickets
” Bosch Open Box Discount Digital Price Ticket
” Otter Box Shaker Lid Digital Price Ticket
” Digital Price Ticket for Robotic Sales
” Red Bull Digital Shelf Edge International Price
Kate Spade® Shoppable Touch-Screen Store Window
Digital Storefront Branding by Sleep Number®
Crepe Du Nord® Televised Chalkboard
Macy’s® In-Store Connect a Big Deal
Brookstone® Virtual Keyboard Display
Oversize iPhone D.I.Y. Smart Home Display
Hollister® Wide-Screen Digital Store Entry
Sam’s Club® FreeOSK Automated Sample Kiosk
Macy’s “Look Book” Digital Callouts In Motion
Euro Fixture™ Digital Ticket Snap-In
Euro Fixture™ Digital Ticket Riser
C-Channel as Digital Intermediary
Euro Fixture™ Flip-Front Labels
Euro Fixture™ Digital Ticket Enclosures
Euro Fixture™ Digital Ticket Flip Front
Euro Fixture™ ConsecutiveGondola Curves
NutriBullet® TV Plus Fruit Props
SmartWatch vs Rolex® Steam Punk
Valentines Day Hook Up
GoPro® Faux Handlebar Display
New Year Party Plan Goes Digital
Bed Bug Proof Pillow Cases
Wheeled Winter Plush Bulk Bin
Moleskine® In-Store iPad Pedestal
Scan-to-Buy QR Code
Retail Bib Tags Go Digital
Digital Discount is Plug-In
Digital Discount Saddle-Mounted
Digital Signage Tops A Spinner
Bloomingdale’s® Union Jacked
Louis Vuitton Uses Mac
Digital Shelf-Edge Price Tickets
Plug-in Digital Signage
Literature Central Goes Digital
Nordstrom Chipboard iPad Offering
Magnetic Mount for Digital Signage
Digital Shelf-Edge Promo Signs
Bloomingdale’s® Union Jacked
Immersive Video, Free Follow-Up
Smell ‘O Vision Retail Rollout
Customers Design Own Flip Flops
Machu Picchu Mall Video
QR Code Moves to In-Store and In-Home Television
Televised Store Directory with Advertising
iPad Counts Down to Christmas

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Tools-Of-The-Trade Digital Price Tag
Macy’s Pyrex Electronic Price Tag
Macy’s Instant Appliance Electronic-Price-Ticket

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Microsoft-Office Electronic Price Tag
Minecraft Electronic Price Ticket Outfitting
Digital-Price-Ticket Anti-Theft Backplate
Digital-Price-Ticket FISH-Tip Grid Hook
Digital-Price-Ticket Flip-Front Hook
Shelf-Edge Digital-Price-Ticket Sign Holder
Open-Wire Tray Digital-Price-Ticket Holder
Plastic-Tray Digital-Price-Ticket Holder
Beats Point-of-Purchase Electronic Price Tag
Electronic-Price-Tag Label-Strip Carrier Details
Electronic-Price-Tag Movie-Display Label-Strip
Electronic-Price-Tag Scanning Hook Mount
Electronic-Price-Tag Table-Top Sony Sign-Holder
Electronic-Price-Tag Table-Top Samsung Sign-Holder
Electronic-Price-Tag Shallow Acrylic-Easel
Electronic-Price-Tag High-Rise Acrylic-Easel
Electronic-Price-Ticket Triple-Tag Sign Arm
” Digital Price Ticket For Out-Of-Stock Items
” Staggered Productstop Digital Price Tickets
” Slot-Mount Razor Display With Digital Price Tickets
” Bosch Open Box Discount Digital Price Ticket
” Otter Box Shaker Lid Digital Price Ticket

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Digital Price Tickets at…

All-Around Device Protection Display Tower
Tile Bluetooth Tracker Uniweb Display
Popsockets Corrugated Display Tower

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Open-Box Clearance Item Merchandising
Electronic Ticket Staging Area Details
Whirlpool-Branded Open-Box Sale Sign
Maytag-Branded Open-Box Sale Sign
Open-Box Clearance Staging Sign Board

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Holiday Plush Digital Price Ticket
Godiva Chocolate Digital Price Ticket
Kohls Table-Upright Digital-Price-Ticket Holder
Kohls Rack Edge-Hang Digital-Price-Ticket Holder
Kohls Table-Stand Digital-Price-Ticket Holder
Wrist Watch Display Digital Signage at Kohls
Kohl’s Upright Digital Price Ticket
Kohl’s Sloped Digital Price Ticket
Kohl’s Faceout Digital Price Ticket
Vera-Wang Skinny Jean Selection Specials

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Digital Price Tickets at…

Kohls Hang-Rail-Topper Digital-Price-Ticket Holder
Kohls Faceout Digital-Price-Ticket Holder
Kohls Sidesaddle Faceout Digital-Price-Ticket Holder

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Kalahari-Convention-Center Digital Floor-Plan
Kalahari Convention Center Salon ID

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Sell against Digital With The Benefits of Analog
Shutterfly Museum Case at the Mall
Mobile Phone Sold As Purse
Shutterfly® Advertises on Slatwall
Macy’s® Let’s Keep In Touch
Jo-Ann® Analog Pinterest Display
Wegman’s® App On A Grip Clip
Sprint® QR Code to Facebook Like
IKEA® Pitches New Catalog
IKEA Computer Generated
JCPenny Showrooming Extreme
Why Analog Moleskine?
Windows 8 Does Analog Retail
Snaidero® In-Store Facebook Wall
Prehistoric Reels in a Digital Age

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