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Dane Decor Retail Showroom

Dane Decor Retail Showroom

Dane Decor Retail Showroom

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BACKSTORY: dane decor was founded by Mrs. Gloria Hamilton on November 2, 1973. Her experiences while raising eight children taught Mrs. Hamilton the value of good furniture and to appreciate good service. She discovered that the clean understated design of Scandinavian furniture not only beautified her home, but it was the easiest of all furniture to care for, saving her valuable time and money. It is strong, durable and its craftsmanship will allow it to last a long time. In addition, Scandinavian furniture is a sound investment paying you back with comfort, usefulness and beauty.

The secret of dane decor’s success lies with its quality – quality in design, durability, price, service and with our old-fashioned hard work. We believe, “the positive force behind well designed products brings out emotions that seem to render heavenly the cold reality of the daily routine.”

By virtue of these qualities dane decor can offer a FREE 5 year Quality Warranty! None of our competition offer this. . . If your merchandise is found defective in material or workmanship, it is at our option to repair, replace or refund your purchase price as a store credit. Can you find a sounder investment?

The original dane decor showroom is located in Downingtown, PA and is housed in a century old church, built in 1863. dane decor currently has two locations, Downingtown, PA, and downtown Philadelphia!

The stores today are managed by the Hamilton brothers, Carl, Hank and Drew. With them, over 16 people help dane decor operate…fulfilling your furnishing needs. The company’s greatest asset is its personnel. Without these hard working and dedicated people behind our company, we would never have become the showcase for the world’s finest contemporary and Scandinavian furnishings. We are the ultimate source for unique, unusual and always breathtaking items. We offer you more than just a collection of furniture. (SOURCE: Dane Decor)

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