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Claire’s Accessories Store Fixtures

Claire's Accessories Store Fixtures - Almost Everything BOGO, Buy 3 Get 3 Free Sign Arm

Claire’s Accessories Store Fixtures

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This Claire’s Accessories Store Fixtures index page aggregates links
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BACKSTORY: Claire’s, formerly known as Claire’s Accessories, is an American retailer of accessories, jewelry, and toys primarily aimed toward girls, tweens and teens. It was founded in 1961 and is based in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.[2]

As of October 27, 2012, Claire’s has 3,469 stores in 36 countries: 1,947 in North America (United States and Canada), 1,141 in Europe (United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Spain, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Italy), and 381 franchised and licensed stores elsewhere in the world (Japan, Middle East, India, Mexico, Turkey, Ukraine, Greece, Serbia, Malta, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Venezuela, and Dominican Republic).[3]

Their stores are in 96% of all U.S. shopping malls, and Claire’s has done more ear piercings than any other retailer, over 90 million in 25+ years.[4]

In 1996, Leslie Mann of the Chicago Tribune said, “Although the management of Claire’s says the company doesn’t advertise and is deliberately low-profile, the name ‘Claire” is as familiar to female Baby Boomers as ” ‘Ringo‘. To the Boomers’ mall-cruising daughters—and, more and more, to their sons—it’s right up there with singer Puff Daddy.'”[5] (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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