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Christmas Tree Shops Retail Fixtures

Christmas Tree Shops Retail Fixtures - Sentiment Lifelike Succulent Plant Tower

Christmas Tree Shops Retail Fixtures

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BACKSTORY: Christmas Tree Shops is an American chain of specialty retail stores headquartered in Union, New Jersey. As of 2021, the chain operates 80 stores in 20 U.S. states.

In 1970, Charles Bilezikian and his wife, Doreen Bilezikian opened the first store in Yarmouth Port. The origin of the name Christmas Tree Shops instead of Shop, derived from the original location that was made up of a trio of buildings: the Front Shop, the Back Shop and the Barn Shop, all of which primarily sold candy penny candy. The first complex, on Route 6A also explains the reason for the naming of the store chain.[4]

Since the 1980s, the chain had slowly been expanding beyond Cape Cod. As of May 2014, the company had 83 stores in 18 states. Expansion for the chain has included stores in Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. Its newest stores opened in Augusta, Georgia, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Dallas, Texas,[5] and Greensboro, North Carolina; the three opened under new ownership. The chain still has a strong presence on Cape Cod, where it operates six locations.

Christmas Tree Shops was acquired by Bed Bath & Beyond in 2003, though the Bilezikians remain involved in the executive operations. The original stores on Route 6A were closed in January 2007, though the site is now occupied by stores owned by the Bilezikians’ son Greg.[6] Some of the earlier Cape Cod stores, as in West Dennis, are dwarfed by recently built stores.

In November 2020, Bed Bath & Beyond sold all 80 locations of Christmas Tree Shops, “andThat!”, and the Middleborough, Ma. distribution center to Handil Holdings, a private company, for an undisclosed amount.[7][8] (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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Loop-Hook Outfitted Tower Displays at…

Your-Name-In-Lights Spinner Tower Display
Sentiment Tote Bag Tower Spinner Display
Sentiment Tote Bag Elliptical-Plate Loop Hook
Reflective Thoughts Tower Spinner Display
Reflective Thoughts Metal-Plate Loop Hook

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Open-Wire Shelf and Ledge Tower Displays at…

Personalized Over-The-Road Trucks Spinner
Personalized Alphabet Block Name Spinner
Sentiment Lifelike Succulent Plant Tower
Shelf Sentiments Gravity-Feed Ledge Design
Shelf Sentiments Tower Spinner Display

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Specialty Outfitting at…

Wheelchair-Only Shopping Cart Concept
Year-Round Christmas Tree Shopping Cart
Personalized Neighborhood Store Welcome
Precision Balanced Sign Holder
Upright Carpet Roll Rack Dividers
Shelf-Top Dish Displayer Sign Rack
Catering To Camper Demographics
Simple Lake Lifestyle Marketing
Wait-Is-Over Checkout Sign
Love-Your-Haul Checkout Sign
Live Trends Half-Height Ladder Plant Display
Architectural Column Hexagon Display
Shelf-Top Plate Displayer Lineup
Belt Display Hook Tower Repurposing

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Island Bulk Bin Merchandising at… 

Variable-Depth Open-Wire Bulk Bins
Vertically-Divided Open-Wire Bulk Bins
Stacked Wash Tub Merchandising Array
Open-Wire Bulk Bin Bridge Topper
Open-Wire Stacked Basket Tower
Open-Wire Mobile Basket Tower

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Inline Bulk Bin Merchandising at… 

Tote Box Aisle Outfitting Extravaganza
Tote Box Vinyl Pouch Label Holders
Tote Box Divider Merchandising Details
Spices Gravity-Feed Endless Basket Display
Spices Split-Ring Vinyl Sign Holders
Kitchen Utensil Wood Crate Shelf-top Bins

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Stacked Wash Tub Merchandising Array
Metal Washtub Bulk Bin Lineup
Wood Washtub Bulk Bin Display
Transport Cart Merchandising Display

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Snack and Spirits Merchandising at…

Sea Salt Popcorn Island Display
Wonderful Pistachios Snack-Time Bins
Farmer Jon’s Popcorn Island Display ” 

Blue Diamond Nuts Display Twins
Pepperidge Farm Full-Line Merchandising
Italian Panettone Cake Display Pallet
Good Humor Coffin Cooler Treats
On-The-Border Snack Rack Design
Goldfish S-Hook Gravity-Feed Rack
Herr’s Stacked Self-Shippers Display
Tiered Table-Top Wine Stoppers Display
DIY Craft Cocktail Kit Merchandising
Two-For-One Wingman Shot Glass Merchandising

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Slatwire Picture Frame Holder Naked
Single-Prong Slatwire Display Hooks

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Specialty Sign Promotions at…

Non-Holiday Store Specials This Week
Email and Text Rewards Offer
Big Selection Bigger Savings Promise

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