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Candy Store Fixtures

Candy Store Fixtures

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This Candy Store Fixtures index page aggregates links
to all posts and photos of retail merchandising, display, and outfitting
as well as deep Background courtesy of Wikipedia.

BACKSTORY: Candy, also called sweets or lollies, is a confection that features sugar as a principal ingredient. The category, called sugar confectionery, encompasses any sweet confection, including chocolate, chewing gum, and sugar candy. Vegetables, fruit, or nuts which have been glazed and coated with sugar are said to be candied.

Physically, candy is characterized by the use of a significant amount of sugar or sugar substitutes. Unlike a cake or loaf of bread that would be shared among many people, candies are usually made in smaller pieces. However, the definition of candy also depends upon how people treat the food. Unlike sweet pastries served for a dessert course at the end of a meal, candies are normally eaten casually, often with the fingers, as a snack between meals. Each culture has its own ideas of what constitutes candy rather than dessert. The same food may be a candy in one culture and a dessert in another.[1] (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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For General Candy Store Fixtures and Merchandising see…

Candy By The Pound Little Or A Lot Clear Acrylic Median Sign
Fresh-&-Fruity Shelf Merchandising Contrasts
New Kinder Happy Hippo Merchandising
Happies Jelly Beans Strip Merchandiser
Panda Gourmet Chocolate Strip Merchandiser
Bigger-Candy Bigger-Fun PowerWing
Candy-and-Gum Healthy Treats PowerWing
” Curated Candy Collection Bulk Bin Dimensional
” Curated Candy Collection Triangle Tower
” Chocolate Roses Valentines Day Floral Display
” Sugar Rush Sweet Deal Bulk Bin Bags
” Freestanding Candy Open Wire Shelf Tower
” Premium Chocolate End Aisle Display
” Premium Chocolate One-Piece Acrylic Pusher Tray
” Nordstrom Cafe Makers Chocolate Sign Stands
” Free Chocolate Mother’s Day Gift Samples Easel
” Backwoods Brittle Branding At Farm Store
” Old Fashioned Metal Candy Cane Sign Disk
” Party Pooper Counter-Top Jelly Bean Tray
” Elf, Snowman, and Reindeer Poop Merchandiser
” Hanukkah Chocolate Mesh Merchandising
” Endless Candy Aisle Endless Basket
Femme Fatale Fashion Bag Bulk Bin
Femme Fatale Fashion Bag Boxed Mints
Sweetshop Entreats You To Treat Your Sweetie
Add Immediacy To Valentine’s Day Shopping
Christmas Candy Cane Rawhide Pet Toy
Champagne and Draft Beer Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
Party Time Kisses EndCap Candy Display
Whimsical Wonderland of Christmas Candy
Sugarfina® Beribboned Baby Blue Box Pedestaled
Sugarfina® Candy Pyramid and Pedestal Is Superfine
Straight-Entry Hooks For Mesh Bag Candy Merchandising
Bridal Confections Courtesy of the NutHouse
Halal Candy Bulk Bins at NutHouse®
Perforated Slatwall Shelf Sells Chocolates
Godiva Candy Awning Rack at Gourmanoff®
Sorini® Mated-Tray Chocolate Display at Gourmanoff®
Rosen® Gravity-Feed Bulk Candy at Gourmanoff®
Do-It-Yourself Bentwood Basket Tree Gourmanoff®
Grid-Mounted Shelves for Ashers® Chocolate
Retail Candy Counter Built for Browsing
Candy Specialties Island as Endcap
Thanksgiving Turkey in Chocolate
Tub Pack at Warehouse Club
Conical Pack at Warehouse Club
Category Definition Without Words
Christmas Party Crackers at Pier 1
No-Candy Checkout Lane Passé?
Gondola Kickout Label Holders
Re-Branding Cotton Candy
Square-End Endless Basket
Fencing Fancy Candy Facings
Bulk Pallet Sale of Fine Chocolate
Sweets Spill from Drawers
Niche Marketing Chocolates
Pusher Paddle Message Rant
Fenced Candy Merchandising
Endless Candy in Endless Basket

Follow Wegmans Candy Merchandising Displays at…

Star Wars Freestanding PEZ Display
Buzz Lightyear Freestanding PEZ Display
Local Handmade Chocolate Candy Cupboard
” Reese’s-Hershey’s Candy Duet Display
Multi-Station Ring-Hook Candy Rack
” Nibbles & Bits Handmade Candy Cupboard
Candy Specialties Island as Endcap
Fencing Family Packs of Candy
Gondola Kickout In Bulk Candy
Candy Sales by the Bucketful

Follow Thomas Foodland Candy Displays at…

Russell Stover Tower Display Takes Famous Candy Mainstream
Dual Werther’s Original Candy Display Doubles Sales Potential
Sideways Gravity-Feed Display Sells Two Famous Candies
Colorful Sour Patch Candy Display Cross-Sells Top-Rated Swedish Fish

Follow Market 32 Endcap Candy Display at…

Colorful Candy Corner Display Endcap
Seasonal Candy Display Definition Sign
Clip-On C-Channel Label Holder

Follow CVS Pharmacy
Candy Merchandising Dislays at…

Reese’s Wait Queue Display Stanchion
M&M’s Gravity Feed Sidekick Display
Add-On Lindt Love Candy Tower

Follow Rite Aid Candy Displays at…

Flavors America Gravity-Feed Corrugated Tower
Theater Box Candy Circular Bulk Bin
Organic Lollipop Gravity-Fed Tower Display
Biscoff Cookie Corrugated Tower Display
Reese’s Peanut-Butter-Cup Tower Display
Hershey’s Organic Dark-Chocolate Tower Display
M&Ms Gravity-Feed Corrugated Tower
Bigger-Candy Bigger-Fun PowerWing
Candy-and-Gum Healthy Treats PowerWing
I Want Candy Plush Snoopy Display
Candy Handcrafted in Small Batches
Sweeten-Your-Day Powerwing Candy Display

Follow Crayola Candy and Specialty Display at…

Crayola Crayon Silly Scents Alcove
Crayola Pucker-Powder Candy Art
Crayola Sour Candy Test Tube Tower

Follow Solomia Imported Chocolate Merchandising at…

Wedel Chocolate Assortment Shelf Merchandising
Mieszko Chocolate-Cherry Piano-Case Branding
Happy-Barrels Alcohol-Filled Chocolate Treats
Illicit Grocery Alcohol Sales

Follow Ferrero Rocher Candy merchandising at…

Ferrero Rocher Xmas Traditions
Ferrero-Rocher Shelf-Top Star Display
Famous-Name Premium Chocolate Endcap

Follow NetCost Candy Displays at…

Spartak Candy Merry-Go-Round Display
Wedel Hand-Decorated Chocolate Display

Follow Sour Patch Displays at…

” Sour Patch Kids Sweeten Valentine’s Day
Sally Hansen Sour Patch Nail Polish ”
Colorful Sour Patch Candy Display Cross-Sells Top-Rated Fish
Sideways Gravity-Feed Display Sells Two Famous Candies

Compare Russell Stover Candy Displays at…

Russell Stover Tower Display Takes Famous Candy Mainstream
Russell Stover Easter Egg Corrugated Tower ”
Russell Stover Hearts Valentine’s Day Display ”
Whitman’s vs Russell Stover Candy Fixture Branding ”
Russell Stover Upscale Hook Overlays

Follow Lindt Candy Display at…

Lindor Made-To-Melt Silky-Smooth Chocolate Display Sells Mouthfeel
Add-On Lindt Love Candy Tower
Lindor Truffle Bulk Bin Display
Before: Lindt Chocolate Holiday P-O-P Shipper
After: Lindt Chocolate Holiday Point-of-Purchase
Lindt Unwrap-Something-Special Holiday Display
” Lindt Bulk Pack For Pallet Rack Sales
Lindt Personalized Easter Bunny Promotion
Easter Bunny BOGO, Buy Three Get One Free
Famous-Name Premium Chocolate Endcap
Famous Lindor Chocolate Arched Shelf Overlay
Lindt Lindor Shelf Overlay

Follow Ghirardelli Chocolate at…

Limited-Edition Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares
Ghirardelli Valentine’s Day Chocolate Lineup
Wilton Baking Pan Is Cross-Sell From Ghirardelli
Ghirardelli Now A Baking Additive
Ghirardelli Make-The-Holidays-A-Bite-Better Display
Famous-Name Premium Chocolate Endcap

Follow Twizzlers merchandising at…

” Get In The Loop Twizzlers Display
” Twizzlers Flat-Stacked Corrugated Pallet Display

Follow Kinder Joy merchandising at…

Polish Barbie Doll Kinder Joy Merchandising  ”
Polish Smurf Kinder Joy Merchandising
Kinder Joy Kinder Toys for Girls and Boys
” Kinder Joy Permanent Point-of-Purchase Tower
” Lonely Kinder Joy Mated Tray Sellout
” Kinder Joy Easter Edition Dual Display

Follow Creative Candy Corn Merchandising at…

Candy-Corn vs Indian-Corn Merchandising
” Patriotic Candy Corn Bulk Pack Discount
” Brachs Witches Teeth Candy Corn
” Brachs Vampire Teeth Candy Corn
” Fall Seasonal Candy Tubs Predefined
” Ghostly Halloween Candy Corn Cake Decoration

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For all Dylan’s Candy Bar Candy Store Fixtures see…

“Dylan’s Candy Bar® Pinterest Board” (Pending)
Dylan’s Candy Bar® Index Page

Compare American Candle Apothecary Candy Displays at…

Fiery-Dragon Tabletop Apothecary Offering
Swizzle-Sticks Apothecary Candy Display
Rainbow Honey-Sticks Apothecary Uprights

Follow Dollar General Bagged Candy Display at

Inline Bagged Candy Gondola Display
Bagged Candy Metal-Plate Pegboard Scan Hook
Jolly Roger Bagged Candy Powerwing Display
Jolly Roger Bagged Candy Scan Hooks
Multi-Brand Bagged Candy Powerwing Display
Bagged Candy Metal-Plate Grid Scan Hook

Follow Lollipop Candy Store Fixtures at…

RingPop Lollipop Hero Display Tower
Lancome Cleanse-and-Tone Lollipop Signs
Polish Lollipops Table-Top Tree Display
Polish Lollipops Table-Top Acrylic Display
” Linda’s Lollies Purple and Gold Branded Livery
” Lolli and Pops Sweet Shop Branding
” Romantic Red Table Drape With Lollipops
” Christmas Gingerbread Holiday Lollipop Display
” Hand-Crafted Christmas Holiday Lollipop Display
” Christmas Jelly Kabob Holiday Lollipops Display
” Two-Fisted Tips Bucket Handles Gratuities
” Tootsie Pop Pail Table-Top Merchandising
” Treat Street Marshmallow Skull Lollipop Display
” Halloween Sugar Skull Shelf-Top Merchandising
” USA Handmade Halloween Lollipops Call Out
” Halloween Lollipop Triangle Base Display
” Downsized Lollipop Tree for Cashwrap Install
” TastyCakes Colorful Brand Expansion
Shopkins Cashwrap Miniature Lollipop Display
Fancy Fashion Lollipops at The Spy Museum
Sunglass Lollipops Incognito at The Spy Museum
Mustache Lollipops Incognito At The Spy Museum
Lolli Pals 100% Edible Lollipops at Sickles Market
Goldsteins Wood Lollipop Tree For Super Blow
Cake Lollipop 6-Pack Offer By Starbucks
Bas Relief Lollipop Tower Features Bulk Bins
Dylan’s® All-Day Sucker As Sign
Do-It-Yourself Lollipop Tree
Dylan Lauren Does Easter
Dylan’s® Department Store Lollipops
Illustrated Chalkboard Pricing
Christmas Lollipops and Lights at Shelf Edge

Follow Original Gourmet Lollipops at…

Original Gourmet Lollipops Sellout Countertop Display Tree Naked
Lowes Checkout Gourmet Lollipop Tree
Lollipop Wait Queue Bowl Display
Lollipop Ribbed Bowl Display Design
Lollipop Dual Flip-Front Label Holder
Original Gourmet Cashwrap Uniweb Lollipop Tree
Original Gourmet Cashwrap Countertop Lollipop Tree
Original Gourmet Gravity-Feed Lollipop Tower
Original Gourmet Circular Basket Lollipop Tree
” Original Gourmet Lollipop Trees En Masse
Original Gourmet Lollipops Bulk Bin Is A Bonanza
Original Gourmet Lollipop Fixtures

Follow Dylan’s Lollipops at Target via…

” Dylan’s Candy Bar Gifts To Go Around
” Dylan’s Candy Bar Colorful Chocolate Pop
” Dylan’s Candy Bar Gummy Old St. Nick
” Dylan’s Candy Bar Secret Message Lollipop

Follow Linda’s Lollies at…

” Linda’s Lollies Purple and Gold Branded Livery
Linda’s Lollies® Lollipop Merchandiser for Slatwall
Linda’s Lollies® Cashwrap Upright Slatwall Tree
Linda’s Lollies®Point-of-Purchase Branding

Follow Pet Supplies Plus
Wait Queue Lollipop Merchandising at…

Lollipop Ribbed Bowl Display Design
Lollipop Dual Flip-Front Label Holder
Lollipop Wait Queue Bowl Display

Follow Valentine’s Day merchandising at…

” Valentine Hugs and Kisses Sold Out
” Chocolate Truffle Hearts Highlight Valentine’s Day
” Lava Cake Kisses Valentine’s Day Specialties
” Russell Stover Hearts Valentine’s Day Display
Sweetshop Entreats You To Treat Your Sweetie
Heart-Shaped Kit Kat Valentine’s Day Promo
” Sour Patch Kids Sweeten Valentine’s Day
” Peanut Butter Cups Celebrate Valentine’s Day
Hershey’s Lovers Collection Branding Conundrum
Heart-Shaped Hershey’s Valentine’s Day Treat
Hershey’s Kisses and Hugs XOXO Merchandising
Hershey’s Hearts Corrugated Tower Merchandising

Follow Five Below candy merchandising at…

Tic Tac Christmas Gift-It Corrugated Display
Candy Collection Tree-Like Tower
Candy Collection Tower Tree-Canopy Details
10-For-$1 Candy Bulk Bin Tower Display
Candy Bulk-Bin Bag Dispenser Built-In
” Sugar Rush Sweet Deal Bulk Bin Bags

Follow Hershey’s Candy
Outfitting and Merchandising at…

Reese’s Cardboard Powerwing Sidekick Bulk Bins
Reese’s Island Metal-Plate Scan Hooks Display Outfitting
Hershey’s Kisses Tree Topper Is The Perfect Finishing Touch
Hershey’s Big Bar Happiness Island Display Has Something For Everybody
” Reese’s-Hershey’s Candy Duet Display
Hershey’s Minis Bulk Bin Display
Hershey’s Organic Dark-Chocolate Tower Display
Addams Family Halloween-Candy Cross-Sell
” Hershey’s Brownie Kit Skillet Merchandising
” Hershey’s Kisses Wire Fence Shelf Dividers
” Hershey’s Gold and Kisses Combo Island Display
” Dual Reeses Hershey Candy Tower Displayer
” Color Your Party Hershey’s Kisses Party Hats
New Hershey Logo Looks Like Poo?

Follow Target Kit Kat candy promotions at…

Scary-Black-Cat Kit-Kat Halloween Promotion
Heart-Shaped Kit Kat Valentine’s Day Promo

Follow Reese’s Merchandising at …

Delicious Reese’s Family Reunion Brings All The Best Back Together
Reese’s Wait Queue Display Stanchion
” Reese’s-Hershey’s Candy Duet Display
Feed Halloween Monster Cravings with Reese’s
Reese’s Peanut-Butter-Cup Tower Display
Double-Pallet Reese’s Angry-Pumpkin Promotion
” Reeses Pieces Gravity Feed Sidekick
” Reeses Lofts Signature Peanut Butter Cups  ”
” Dual Reeses Hershey Candy Tower Displayer
Double-Pallet Reese’s Angry-Pumpkin Promotion

Follow M&M’s Candy Store Fixtures at…

M&M’s Freestanding Gravity-Feed Display
M&M’s Gravity Feed Sidekick Display
Yellow M&M’s Spokescandy Display
M&M’s Candy Open-Wire Basket Crenations
M&M’s Zip-It Resealable Bag Offer
Hosted M&Ms Corrugated Tower Display
M&M’s Center-Aisle Corrugated Display
M&M’s Corrugated Shelf Display System
M&Ms Ceramic Bowl Merchandising
M&Ms Gravity-Feed Corrugated Tower
M&M’s Shelf-Edge Bulk Bag Purchases
Best-House-On-The-Block Halloween Designation
” M&M’s Green Strikes A Stylish Pose
” Haunted Tree Hawks M&M’s And More
” M&M’s Coffin Case Halloween Display
” M&M’s Character Curved Tower Display
” M&M’s Caramel Corrugated Tower Floorstand
” M&M’s Yellow Magnetic Mount Tray Concept
M&M’s Mascot Red Character Display
M&M’s Mascot Yellow Character Revisited
Trick-or-Treat-Central Halloween Candy Display
M&Ms Gravity Feed PowerWing With Catch Basin
M&M’s® Valentine Novelties Bulk Binned
M&M’s Mascots In-Store Gondola Header”
M&M’s® Mascot Sells In-Store
M&M’s Branded Bling on Display Hooks
M&M’s vs Energy Drink Cross Sell
Brand Cross Sell or Confusion

Also see comparative article at…

Mars Recent In-Store Marketing Campaigns

Follow Snickers Multi-Use
Point-of-Purchase Merchandising at…

Candy Box Shelf-Top Point-of-Purchase
Candy Powerwing Point-of-Purchase Naked
Snickers Candy Pop-Up Hang Tab
Candy Box Powerwing Point-of-Purchase

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