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BACKSTORY: Burt’s Bees is an American personal care products subsidiary of Clorox that describes itself as an “Earth friendly, Natural Personal Care Company” making products for personal care, health, beauty, and personal hygiene. As of 2007, they manufactured over 197 products for facial and body skin care, lip care, hair care, baby care, men’s grooming, and outdoor remedies. Since then, their products have been distributed in nearly 30,000 retail outlets including grocery stores and drug store chains across the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan and New Zealand from their headquarters in Durham, North Carolina. This Burt’s Bees Retail Fixtures index page aggregates links to all post and photos of the brand’s retail merchandising and outfitting.

Burt’s Bees manufactures their products with natural ingredients using minimal processing such as distillation/condensation, extraction/steamed distillation/pressure cooking, and hydrolysis to maintain the purity of those ingredients. In addition, every product has a “natural bar” which gives a percentage of natural ingredients in that product, often with detailed ingredient descriptions.

Originating in Maine in the 1980s, the business began when co-founder Roxanne Quimby started making candles from Burt Shavitz‘s leftover beeswax. This eventually led to their bottling and selling of honey, a practice that slowly diminished as the company evolved as a corporation. Eventually, other products using honey and beeswax, including edible spreads and furniture polish, were sold, before a move into the personal care line. In late 2007, Clorox purchased Burt’s Bees for $925 Million USD. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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