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This Bath Merchandising Store Fixtures index page aggregates links
to all post and photos of retail merchandising, display, and outfitting
as well as deep Background courtesy of Wikipedia.

BACKSTORY: A bathroom is a room in the home for personal hygiene activities, generally containing a sink (basin) and either a bathtub, a shower, or both. It may also contain a toilet. In some countries, the toilet is usually included in the bathroom, whereas other cultures consider this insanitary or impractical, and give that fixture a room of its own. The toilet may even be outside of the home in the case of pit latrines. It may also be a question of available space in the house whether the toilet is included in the bathroom or not. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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For Bath Merchandising Store Fixtures by Title see…

Frightful Halloween Bubble Bath Parade
Vintage Tub-And-Bath Stairwell Branding
” Rustique Bath and Restroom Imperatives Signage
” Bathtub Bulk Bin of Bath Towels Display
Bath Tub of Bath Towels at JCPenney
Bed and Bath Handmaidens
Bubble Bath in Center Store
” Trestle Tables In White Bath Display
How To Enjoy Tub Time In Your own Bath
Fizzies and Poufs Display Bath and Body Works
Delta Three-fer Shower Fitting Presentation
KraftMaid Acrylic Plaque Bath Pricing
Moen® Faucet Backplate for Slatwall
Moen® Shower Ensemble Displayer for Slatwall
Multi-Faucet, Multi-Brand Slatwall Display
Towel Tub Bridges Department Divide
Lefroy Brooks® Steam Punk Branded Control
Dornbracht® Mystery Fixture
Moen® Monogram or Not
Dornbracht® Positioning Statement
Ginger® Branded Metal Finishes
Ginger® Splashables Branded
Amba® Brands Towel Warmer
Branding Condensate as Luxury
Dornbracht® Literature Pedestal
Danze® Splash of Color Brands
Danze® Store Wallpaper Branded
MTI Brand Medallion in Miniature
Ferguson® In-Store Outreach
Lacoste® Brands A Bath
Fantini® Entrance Branded Blue
Fantini® Subliminal Fixture Branding
Fantini® Brand Chocolate Mousse
Fantini® Retail Fixture Overhead
Shower Head Slatwall Hook
Kohler® Porcelain Color Samples
Woodenworks® Swivel Sampler
Satin Nickel Sampler Screwed
Lefroy-Brooks® Steam Punk Valve
Kohler® In-Store Test Chamber
Moen® Brand Monogram or Not
Water Temperature Color-Codes
Fantini® Faucet Color Alignment
Fantini® Massed Museum Cases
Stacked Museum Cases Illusion
Ferguson® Brands the Modern Bath
American Standard Stipple Slatwall
Digital Shower QR Code
Grohe® Branded Inner-Workings
Kohler Branded Backstory
Shower Curtain Aisle Invader
Fantini® Boffi Floor Faucet
Faux Sink Presents Cleaner
Fun with Fantini Faucets
Non-Designer Faucets in Display
Bath Display on a Pedestal
Bath Tub Hand Therapy
High Heel for the Bath
Basins as Visual Bouquet
Claw-Footed Tub Trending
Snake in Garden of Retail
Designer Attribution in Retail
Particle Board Use in Display
Faux Granite Slatwall

For Sink Bath Merchandising Store Fixtures see…

KraftMaid Acrylic Plaque Bath Pricing
Faucet Stairway to Heaven
Dornbracht® Faucet Swap-Out
Dornbracht® Faucet Forest
Multi-Faucet, Multi-Brand Slatwall Display
Ballsy Faucet Merchandising
Moen® Monogram or Not
Subtleties of Dornbracht® Branding
Dornbracht® Literature Pedestal
Glass Pedestal Merchandises Itself
Stone Forest® Wall Bowl Sink Display
Stone Forest® Wall Bowl Display Details
Designer Sink In-Store Amenity
Kohler® Dropshadow Benefit

For Toilet Bath Merchandising Store Fixtures see…

Moen® Monogram or Not
Toto® Downplays Trademark
Toilet Display You Can See Your Ass In
Toto Toilets in Miniature Display
Toilet at Rakish Angle
Pink Toilet Against White River Rock
Delta® Toilet Paper Claim to Fame
Quadraphonic Toilet Paper Dispenser

For Miniature Bath Merchandising Store Fixtures see…

Claire’s Bath Set Bathtub Assortment Pack  ”
Ferguson® Crapper Worry-Beads
Bath Tub Hand Therapy
Refreshing Jacuzzi® Bath Extra
Toto Toilets in Miniature Display
Ferguson® Bath Mints

Follow Macy’s Bath Mat Merchandising at…

Macy’s Martha Stewart Bath Rug Display
Hotel Collection Bath Mat Perimeter Display
Villa Luxe Bath Rug Hangrail Display

Follow Lowes Bathroom Display and Merchandising at…

Bath Grab Bar Sample Display Reaches Out
Bathroom Barn Door Rails Are Full-Size Function Demonstrator
Comparative Sliding Door Hardware Display Features Bronze vs Nickel
Expanded Bathroom Sink Display Includes Step-By-Step Instructions
Ove-Decor Miniature Bathtub Tower Display
Ove Bathtub Tower Declined-Arm Details
Ove Bathtub Tower Drop-in Sign Header
Ground-Level Pallet-Rack Sink Display

For Bath Merchandising Store Fixtures see…

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