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INDEX: Ball-Ends, Ball-Stops, And Pin Stops

Ball-Ends, Ball-Stops, And Pin Stops

Ball-Ends and Ball-Stops

Ball-Ends, Ball-Stops, And Pin Stops are fundamentally Productstops. Commonplace Ball-End Hooks (often more formally titled Safety Ball-End Hooks) feature a rounded, more blunted tip than ordinary Straight-Cut Single Prong Display Hooks. The additional rounding is added to improve safety. Reputable major manufacturers include Ball-Ends at no extra charge to enhance your store environment. Ball Stops and Pin Stops go beyond Ball-Ends to add final or intermediate productstops along the Hook frontwire to aid merchandising and display. For shapes more complicated than Ball-Ends, Ball-Stops, And Pin Stops see “Hook Finials / End Shapes Index Page” For an alternative to Ball Stops see “Serrated Hooks Index Page

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As a starting point consider…

Straight-Cut Display Hooks vs Ball-End Display Hooks

For Ball-End, Ball Stop, Ball-End Feet posts see…

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Follow Ballstops at…

” Ballstop-Equipped Freestanding Tractor Tree
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” Stair-Stepped Display Hook Ballstopped

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For Pin Stop variants by Title…

” Kiss Me I’m Lucky Pin-Stopped Tubular Hangrail
Pin-Stop Double-Arm Waterfall Faceout Use
Free People Copper Pin-Stop Boxer Faceout
Free People Alligator Clip Faceout Display
Kayak and Canoe Paddle Pin Stopped Hooks
Paddle Gondola Extender Bar-Mount Faceouts
Mercedes Benz Manhattan Kiddie T-Shirt Faceout
St Patrick’s Day Mugs Flip-Front Hooked
Pint Sized Irish, Oversize Bar Faceout
Keep Calm And Save The Tatas T-Shirt
Extensible Faceout Pin Stopped
Shark Week T-Shirt Merchandising
Alfani® Lapel-Pin Bow-Tie Pocket-Square Cross Sell
Hula Hoop Endcap Faceouts
Pin-Stopped Plug-In Hook
Semi-Circular Saddle-Mount for Sign
Square Pin-Stopped Faceout and Sign Holder
Tiered, Drop Arm Faceout Redux
Euro Fixture™ Saddle-Mount Rounded Bar
Two Pin-Stopped Faceouts for Bar
Round Mount On Round Rail
Henri Bendel® Outrigger Waterfall
More Henri Bendel® Outrigger Hooks
Sunglasses On A Faceout
Twin Bar-Hook Bag Presentation
Twin Faceouts for Unstructured Bags
Pin-Stop Faceout for Umbrellas
Pin-Stopped Faceout Sign Holder
Pin-Stopped Faceout Holder Detail
Door Hanger as End-Rack Sign
Swarovski vs Henri Bendel Hookery
Graceful Ogive Bullet-Nose Hook
Henri Bendel Pinstop Hook
One Pinstop Missing Among Many
Cross-Pin Back-Stopped Hook

For unusual but related Pin Stops…

” St. Patricks Day Productstopped Slatwall Faceout
” Faceout Productstop Cube For Winter Apparel
St Patrick’s Day Mugs Flip-Front Hooked
Downturned Safety Hook is Evolutionary
Corner-Stopped Pegboard Hook
Gauge Pins Create Perfect Sign
Wood Pegboard Dowels as Shelf Dividers

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