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Anolon Cookware Merchandising Displays

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BACKSTORY: The Anolon commitment to quality gourmet kitchenware began in 1984. A national culinary renaissance was underway, and our sister brand, Circulon, had been developing and producing quality nonstick cookware for several years. Recognizing that home cooks exploring the possibilities of creative cooking desired versatility and convenience, Anolon met those needs with the first hard-anodized, smooth-interior nonstick cookware, formally launching in 1989.

Anolon — from hard-anodized, and the suffix meaning “one” – originally offered two hard-anodized nonstick cookware collections, one for the home chef, one for the more experienced cook. Through our first years, as home cooks discovered our cookware, we solidified and strengthened our commitment to our mission, our consumers, and our products.

We selected and utilized components like top-quality aluminum and stainless steel and premium, metal-utensil-safe nonstick. We added Santoprene™ — a rubberized material — to our cookware handles for enhanced handhold, and ultimately trademarked our innovative Anolon® SureGrip® handle. As home cooks continued to expand their culinary capabilities in the years that followed, so did Anolon.

We soon recognized that home cooks require more than fine gourmet cookware, so we extended our product development and design standards to new collections: Anolon Bakeware, Anolon Cutlery, and Anolon Tools and Gadgets. From our first baking pan to each durable knife blade to our stylish, practical kitchen utensils, each new Anolon product consistently delivered craftsmanship and distinction for creative gourmet cooks and their evolving kitchen expertise.

We kept growing, learning and evolving in order to deliver the essentials for gourmet cooking to each new culinary generation. In 2009, the Anolon Nouvelle Copper collection brought the first copper-layer base to hard-anodized cookware construction. We developed and launched other cookware collections, and to our cornerstone Advanced line, we added a distinctive companion: Advanced Bronze cookware, featuring the first bronze-colored nonstick exterior.

As our years turned to decades, Anolon remained a gourmet kitchenware leader. We stay informed and experienced about cooking trends and developments, including the impact of digital culture. We maintain our focus and refine our processes to keep providing the right kitchenware for home cooks embracing principles and practices such as sustainable food sourcing and modern technologies. Heading into our next twenty-five years, we remain dedicated to continually creating and upgrading our gourmet kitchenware products with similar imagination and innovation.

(SOURCE: About Anolon)

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