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This American Candle Merchandising index page aggregates links
to all post and photos of retail merchandising, display, and outfitting
as well as deep Background courtesy of Wikipedia.

BACKSTORY: American Candle opened its doors on April 13, 1978. Now a Pocono Mountains staple, the establishment continues to harness true Poconos spirit. Enchanting is the only word that can possibly sum up everything American Candle has to offer. When you walk into the huge establishment, you are immediately met with the aroma of candles, soothing music, and beautiful displays that let you know you are not in your average candle shop.

The store opened with the goal of bringing quality service to the Poconos. During the humble beginnings the shop housed candles, candle accessories, and home décor. Visitors could see candles being made and enjoy the simple pleasantries of all things wax. At that time, making candles was done on a much smaller scale. All candles were made on the premises and candles produced were limited to hand carved creations, with the creator using tools on warm wax, pulling and peeling at parts of the candle to make different designs. But as the years grew greater in number, so did their square footage.

Aiming to enhance the customer’s experience of American Candle, something new was added every two years. Around 1982 the candy store was established. Customers were exposed to more sweets than they could imagine. Over a hundred barrels filled with old and new varieties—including everything from malt balls and root beer barrels to fried eggs and Swedish fish—challenged a customer’s ability to pick only one. Coffee varieties and a seating area were added as well, providing visitors with an old time soda shoppe feel.

With its personal attention and small business charm American Candle is one of the area’s most popular places to shop. Their quality and commitment shines through on every level. As the business has expanded and time has passed, American Candle is still run the way it was at its roots. A part of Pocono’s history, American Candle is so much more than just great candles. (SOURCE: American Candle)

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For American Candle Merchandising by title see…

Happy Everything Wicker Basket
Staged Umbrella Stand Display
Ginger Snaps 3-Ring Display Stand
Ginger Snaps Secretary Desk Display
Naked Bee All-Good No-Bad Display
Fiery-Dragon Tabletop Apothecary Offering
Lazy-One Gridwall Display Hooks
Lazy-One Sapling-Supported Gridwall
Doggy Snack Bar Display Outfitting
Candle Vintage Lantern Museum Case
Giant Checkerboard Demo Display
Gingerbread Man Presenter Signboard
Key To CoronaVirus Safety Shelf Display
Dead-Guy-Ale Rogue Merchandising
Woodstock Wind Chimes Metal Trellis
Lighted Wind Chime Pergola Display In-Store
Dazzle Paint Mickey Mouse Floral Design
” Just For Fun Acrylic Bin Merchandising
” Vintage Wood Barrel Recycling And Resale
” Stick Pony Burlap-Lined Barrel Bulk Bin
” Aurora Branded Barrel Bulk Bin Display
” Harley Davidson Miniature Village Motorcycle Clubhouse
” Harley Davidson Dealer Showroom Miniature Village
” Bolt-Down Harley Davidson Floor Mat
” Food Prop Bell Jar Still Life Presentation
” Bunny Bell Jar Visual Merchandising
” Wood Lazy Susan Presentation Possibility
Peg-Hook Non-Pegboard Display
Wood Pegboard Spinner Minus-Holes
Wine-Cellar Racks-Up Corkscrew Sales

Follow American Candle Penn State Merchandising at…

Penn-State Football Snack Tray
Penn-State Nittany-Lion Statue Souvenir  “

Compare American Candle Apothecary Displays at…

Fiery-Dragon Tabletop Apothecary Offering
Swizzle-Sticks Apothecary Candy Display
Rainbow Honey-Sticks Apothecary Uprights

Follow American Candle Wine, Beer and Spirits at…

Blue-Ridge-Winery Branded Gondola Merchandising
On-Shelf Wine Literature Distribution Strategy
Extra-Wide Wine Endcap Merchandising
Wine Custom C-Channel Price Labeling
Shelf-Edge Dangler Wine Descriptions
Goose-Island Ale Pipe-Fitting Tower
Goose-Island Ale Pipe-Fitting Tower Details
Goose-Island Ale Open-Wire Bottle Cradle
Goose-Island Ale Branded Signage

Follow Over-The-Road Truck Sales at…

Over-The-Road-Trucks Coil-Clip Sign Holder
Over-The-Road-Truck All-Wire Parking Arm
Over-The-Road-Trucks Spinner Tower Display

Follow American Candle Toysmith Displays at…

Toysmith Miniature Toy Acrylic Shelves
Toysmith Twin-Tower Miniature Toy Display

Follow Fabric-Based Item Merchandising at…

Poconos Bear Identification Guidelines
Nora Fleming Guest Towel Holder
Wood Tray Tower Towel Display
Clothes-Hanger Hand-Towel Merchandiser
Knotted-Scarf Floor T-Stand Display

Follow Shoe and Sock Outfitting at…

Foozys Socks Plastic-Pegboard Hook Details
Foozys Socks Plastic-Pegboard Spinner
Dansko Shoe Tower Slatwire-Ledge Details
Dansko Branded Shoe Tower Display
Dansko Shoe Tower Logo Branding

Follow American Candle Tower Merchandising at…

Wrought Iron Basket Tower
Stacked Skinny Sign Tower Display ”
Candle-Art Long J-Hook Merchandising
High-Visibility Candle-Art Spinner Tower
Small-Footprint High-Capacity Pez Tower

Follow Nora Fleming merchandising at…

” Wood Lazy Susan Presentation Possibility
” Bunny Bell Jar Visual Merchandising
Nora Fleming Branded Table-Top Tent Sign
Nora Fleming Branded Collector’s Edition Case
Nora Fleming Branded Takeaway Brochures
Nora Fleming Serving Piece Plate Decorations
Nora Fleming Branded Lazy-Susan Carousel
Nora Fleming Guest Towel Holder

Follow Torched Products Display at…

Torched-Products Beer Candle Display
Torched-Products Paper Faux Flame

Follow Candle and Wax Melts and more at…

Candle-Art Long J-Hook Merchandising
High-Visibility Candle-Art Spinner Tower
WoodWick Large Wax Melt Merchandising
WoodWick Mahogany Wood Candle Display
WoodWick Small Wax Melt Merchandising

Follow American Candle Candy Merchandising at…

Blasts From The Past Candy Display Spinner
” European Candy Bulk Barrel Hand Scoop
” Bulk Candy Wicker Basket Pedestal Presentation
” European Candy Barrel Bulk Merchandising
Wood Faux Whisky Barrel Display
Wrought Iron Basket Tower
Gourmet Chocolate Chuck-Wagon Display

Follow American Candle wheeled display at…

Gourmet Chocolate Chuck-Wagon Display
Retailing Rocks By Bag or Individually
Conestoga Wagon Rock Collection Merchandising
Carload Pillow Merchandising Wireframe Display

Follow this Personalized Yo-Yo Merchandising at…

Wood Yo-Yo Spinner Sign Holder
Wood Yo-Yo Scan Hook Hanger
Yo-Yo Continuous Scan-Hook Label Strip
Personalized Wood Yo-Yo Spinner Tower

Follow American Candle Fashion Jewelry at…

4Ocean Recycled Bracelet Countertop Display
” Fashion Jewelry Security Drawers Built-In
” MantraBand Photographic Jewelry Display
” MantraBand Bracelet Table-Top Display
” Katie Loxton Kids Jewelry Castle Display
” New Katie Loxton Bracelets Chalkboard Marquee
” Lizzy James Handmade Charm Tray Display
” Lizzy James Business Card Holder Brochures

Follow this Recycled Bottle Bracelet merchandising at…

Personalized Bracelet Goldvein Loop Hooks
Personalized Bracelet Mini-Loop-Hooks
Personalized Bracelet Spinner Display

Follow this American Candle
Unicorn Club Necklace Outfitting at…

Unicorn-Club Silver Powdercoat Loop-Hooks
Unicorn-Club Necklace Mini-Loop-Hooks
Unicorn-Club Necklace Spinner Display

Follow Uno de 50 at…

” Logo Branded Uno de 50 Padlock
” Uno de 50 Necklace Easel Displays
” Uno de 50 Museum Case Design
” Uno de 50 Spanish Fashion Jewelry Branding

Follow Drinkware Display at…

Muggziez Universal Drink-Handle Display
Muggziez 60-Penny Nail Display Hooks
Girly-Stuff Mini-Mug Tower Spinner
Corklcicle Branding Makes The Difference
Motivational Mug Gravity Feed Display Rack
Inspirational Mug Gravity Feed Mobile Display

Follow Mark-My-Words Mug Gravity Feed at…

Mark-My-Words Mug Hooked Heroes
Mark-My-Words Mug Gravity-Feed Rack
Mark-My-Words Inspirational Mug Display

Follow this Floral Tower Display at…

Galvanized Flower Vase Tower Display
Galvanized Flower Vase Ring Hook


Follow American Candle Christmas merchandising at…

Giant Christmas Jingle Bells Sled
Jingle-Jingle Christmas Pillows
Wind-Up Miniature Christmas Village
Christmas Calendar Crate Merchandising
Chocolate 24-Day Christmas Advent Calendar
Blinking Ornament Tree Merchandising

Ornate Wrought-Iron-Tower Display
Vintage Happy-Holiday Sledding Wish
Christmas Chris-Moose Plush Merchandising
Merry Grinchmas Christmas Display
Full-Size Christmas Nutcracker Concierge

Follow Halloween American Candle Merchandising at…

Top-Hatted Halloween Calaveras Come-Out
Halloween Claire Voyance Tombstone Quote
Halloween Gargoyles Lying-In-Wait

Consider American Candle CoronaVirus strategies at…

CoronaVirus Rotary-Club Safe-Steps Floor Graphic
CoronaVirus Thanks-For-Shopping Local Sign
Key To CoronaVirus Safety Shelf Display

For all American Candle Merchandising resources…

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