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BACKSTORY: Aisle violators literally violate the space between stacked store shelves, sticking out in the aisle to stop shoppers at your product. Because they’re double sided, violators are custom printed on 15 mil vinyl for its rigidity and opacity. They can literally be seen coming and going down the supermarket aisle!

The first thing you should know about aisle violators is that they go by about a zillion names. They’re also called aisle invaders, aisle breakers, shelf flags, and aisle interrupters. We’ve decided to pick a name and stick with it … aisle violators.

I call aisle violators the smarty pants of POP (point of purchase) displays because they’re an incredibly clever marketing tool. They make use of the space in the aisle of the store by simply hanging off the shelf. I know what you’re gonna say… isn’t that what shelf talkers do? Well, yes and no. Although both hang from the channel of a shelf’s edge, aisle violators use that as a jumping off point to stick out into the aisle, rather than hanging over the front of the shelf. It is this unique design that lends itself to several advantages.

The first benefit is that they are faced directly at the customer as they make their way down the aisle. Whereas a shelf talker requires a shopper to be directly in front of it to see it, aisle violators don’t wait for consumers to stop. Eye-level aisle violators are more likely to make them stop.

Think of it this way… if there are rows of product on either side of you while walking down a store aisle, you might not turn to the right or the left unless you’re specifically looking for something. But if a little sign jutted out in front of you, you couldn’t help but read it. And seeing that sign may be all the incentive required to remind you that you needed that product, want to take advantage of the sale that product is offering, or have wanted to try that product. The location of that little sign, that aisle violator, is actually the point of purchase; not the cash register. It’s where and when you decided to put that product into your cart. (SOURCE: Dilco)

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