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Native Content - Sponsored Content Format Example

OVERVIEW:  FixturesCloseUp Native Content submissions must be of over 300 words, must include a Feature and Main Image (Specs below), and may optionally also include a single Inset Image and 3 Gallery images. The cost is $425 payable in advance. Please compare to the typical Sponsored Content of 1 image and 100 words offered by ordinary internet outlets which also often charge several times more for the opportunity. Also, consider the more focused and specialized readership of FixturesCloseUp. Click to enlarge the Native Content – Sponsored Content Format Example at the left.

Native Content

  • Post must be on retail fixtures, retail outfitting, store design, visual merchandising, point-of-purchase display, display materials, or related topics.
  • Post must be advertorial and not outright sales-oriented in approach … it should be fixture information useful to readers, how or why to source outfitting, how or why to choose a fixture solution, or where to find solutions that reference the client. Hard sell or blatant advertising posts will not be accepted. For guidance please refer to…
  • Post Copy must be 300+ words or more which is required to achieve SEO Ranking when published. (SEO ranking of the post is to the Client’s benefit)
  • One required Feature Image (Runs on the Home Page and with the Post Title at the top of the Post Page) and must be 440×440 pixels. 
  • One required main Post Page image (Runs above Post Copy) must be horizontal 440×330 or vertical 440×587. 
  • One optional inset image within the body copy would be accepted at 440×440, but runs as 175×175 (Click to enlarge). 
  • An optional gallery of 3 Images would be accepted to run below or within the Post Copy. All three must be same format … 440×440, 440×330 or 440×587. (Gallery will be click to enlarge enabled)
  • The client is encouraged to promote the published Post after launch via the Social Media Buttons included at the bottom of the final FixturesCloseUp Post which include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Email links and through their own channels and efforts.
  • Native Content Post will go live mid-afternoon weekdays as that is the peak traffic period for FicturesCloseUp usage. The Client may specify a particular launch date and time if desired. And multiple Native Content Posts can be “flighted” (grouped for similar launch times) a recommended strategy for additional reader attention.
  • The launch of a Native Content post will automatically include an email announcement of the post going live to all FixturesCloseUp subscribers. Native Content sponsors may sign up as FixturesCloseUp subscribers and receive this notice in the Right-hand Rail on the FCU site.
  • if the client runs several Native Content Posts FixturesCloseUp would create a Company or Topic INDEX Page at no charge as Table Of Contents information for the FCU site, support for readers, and enabling enhanced fixture research for the Client on the site. A free INDEX Page will be created for any Client or Topic of over 5 Native Content Posts. The INDEX Page can include a non-promotional bio on the client company, a gallery of images from all existing Native Content Posts, a list of links to all Native Content Posts, and of course, a link to the Client Company itself. For examples of Company vs Topic INDEX Pages see…

INDEX: Wind Mill Slatwall Store Fixtures

INDEX: Custom Slatwall Patterns Store Fixtures


  • All submitted copy and content must be provided as per above specifications, and allow quick construction of the post. Copy rewrites and image revision and resizing will be changed to the Client at $25-50 per hour.
  • Journalistic indemnification requires the Editors Note below at the end of the Native Content. It too would include an additional link to the client beyond any they might embed in the post. It would run below the client post. There will be no SPONSORED CONTENT eyebrow above their post title, which is common on other sites.
  • EDITOR’S NOTE: FixturesCloseUp presents fixture and outfitting information of interest to retailers and point-of-purchase designers regardless of source. The site does not publish Product Releases directly, but if you have an unusual fixture or insightful advice it might be considered for publication as an Advertorial. This Post and Images courtesy of (Client Name / Link Here)

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