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Cosmetic Brush / Makeup Brush Store Fixtures

Cosmetic Brush / Makeup Brush Store Fixtures

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BACKSTORY: A makeup brush is a tool with bristles, used for the application of make up or face painting. The bristles could be made out of natural or synthetic materials, while the handle is usually made out of plastic or wood. When cosmetics are applied using the appropriate brush they blend better into the skin.

There is a large variety of shapes and sizes of make up brushes, depending on the face area where make up will be applied, the cosmetic product and the wanted result. For example, the shape of the brush tip can be chiseled, straight, angular, round, flat or tapered.

Makeup application can alter due to the materials used to create a makeup brush. Bristles of a makeup brush can either be synthetic or natural. There are many different types of makeup brushes that can provide a flawless finish. {cite web|last1=Tribune|first1=Nigerian|}}</ref></ref> The brush itself is important to the application of makeup as it can densely pack on product or loosely pack on product.

Synthetic bristles are the most common material used in a makeup brush. They are widely found in drugstores and makeup specific stores. The bristles are made out of plastic, and are often dyed to get some color on the bristles. Synthetic bristles are often used with liquid and cream products, as they tend to blend out products more easily and will not absorb product as much compared to a natural bristle brush.[2] Synthetic are cruelty-free. The bristles are usually made from nylon or other synthetic fibers. The longevity of synthetic brushes are usually longer than natural haired bristles as they do not degrade or breakdown and are not as fragile.[3]

Natural bristles are made from real hair as opposed to plastic. Many prefer to use natural bristles, since they could be less abrasive to the skin. Although natural bristles are more preferred in the cosmetic industry, the bristles themselves can cause allergic reactions because of the animal fur/hair.[4] Natural bristles may be easier to control the product when blending out or even packing on a product. Natural bristles do have hair cuticles which is why it is easier for the brush to pick up more product and blending it out.[5] (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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