Mohegan Sun Casino Restroom Signs

Mohegan Sun Casino Restroom Signs

A very sophisticated rendition of Casino Restroom Signs at the equally sophisticated Mohegan Sun Resort. Standoffs are deployed forward facing, while paw print perforations decorate the sides. A most unique offering. Ladies room signage was similar in both design and execution, but I get mean and dirty looks if caught photographing even the exterior Ladies Casino Restroom Signs. Dangerous business, this restroom signage reporting. Seen at Mohegan Sun Casino, Wilkes-Barre PA. Time to check some of the other Casino signage throughout the Pennsylvania Pocono Mount Resort Region.

Restroom Identification Sign In Klingon

Here the Klingon language, “tlhIngan Hol,” is used for Restroom identification. Or maybe not. These might also be Cirth Elvin Runes by J.R.R. Tolkien or some other strange and rarely seen second language. Good if your customers are multicultural for your signage to follow suite and be multilingual themselves. See that this sign also speaks Braille …. but is it Braille Klingon, Braille Elvin, or Braille English, that is the question? If you are a linguist and can answer, leave a comment to enlighten us all.

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Multi-Gender Restroom Signing

Multi-Gender Restroom Signing Says Share

This Multi-Gender Restroom Signing was not confusing or off-putting in the least. Share and share alike has always been a good motto. But I was a bit confused at first as to which door the signage referred to. A closer look revealed the one on the left had a industry standard Vacant / Occupied flag, so that must be the one. But where does the door on the right lead, and for what portion of the establishment’s of the clientele? But in any event, I am a big fan of Vacant / Occupied notices and wish they were used everywhere. You can never tell if a stall door is closed for a reason. And what an embarrassment even to try a locked door accidentally.

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Online Shopping Merits Off-Street Parking

Online Shopping Merits Off-Street Parking

Here Bricks-and-mortar retail says if you can’t beat ‘em, join em. At Weis Supermarkets Online Shopping Merits Off-Street Parking. This close-to-the-door parking positively reserves for grocery shoppers who select online then pick up their finished order at the store. Flagged as “Weis Online Shopping Pick Up” the spaces are just a tad farther out than dedicated to Handicapped and expectant mothers. Onliners celebrate … its your time as V.I.P.’s See signage in the main images and pavement markings in the gallery of images. This Online Shopping Merits Off-Street Parking sen at Weis, Mountaintop,PA.

Online Shopping Earns Reserved Parking

If you need it NOW, shop for it online and pick it up immediately at the store. At Staples Online Shopping Earns Reserved Parking with a space right at the door. The only thing closer and more exclusive is the Handicapped space just to the right of this and 10’ closer to the door. A good example of cooperation between online and brick-and-mortar in a Retail Channel where business needs might demand quick service. This Online Shopping Earns Reserved Parking seen at Staples, Valmont Park, Hazleton PA.

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Collectable Penny only 51¢ A Press

Collectable Penny only 51¢ A Press With 1¢ Rebate

The cost of manufacture of your collectable penny via this penny press is 50¢. But read instructions closely to see that you must also provide the basic copper penny for remastering. The normal sales psychology of “Only 49¢” does not apply here. A round number cost of 50¢ is demand plus the 1¢ extra surcharge. Therefore Collectable Penny only 51¢ A Press. But you did get extra service for the up charge. Four different Penny Press designs were available at your choice. Surely that alone is worth the up charge, Check the gallery if images for various views and instructions on how its done. This Collectable Penny only 51¢ A Press seen at the International Spy Museum Store, Washington D.C.

Hand Grenade Display Hooks At Spy Museum

Hand Grenade Display Hooks At Spy Museum

How else would you merchandise these weapons than Hand Grenade Display Hooks, these of the specific Saddle-Mount Bar Merchandiser variety. True, hanging via the Pin Pull right be a tad dangerous. But in a store catering to weaponized professionals, all know the danger and what is expected of them in browsing. Gently please. Consider the Hand Grenade Display Hooks merchandising techniques up close in the gallery of images. Seen at the International Spy Museum Store, Washington D.C.

Cubic Cornerstone Display At The Spy Museum

Cornerstone Cubic Display At The Spy Museum

If you need outfitting as a solid visual anchor, this Cornerstone Cubic Display may hint at a solution. Oversize Gondola faces an architectural column creating an inner cube. The Platform outlines the footprint of the overall display. Small outrider cubes mark the Cornerstone Cubic Display Corners. The overall creation is symmetrical in all directions and diagonals. Inspect from various distances in the galley of images. Seen at the International Spy Museum Store, Washington D.C.

Spy Museum Restroom ID Sign In Detail

Spy Museum Restroom ID Sign Detail

Spy Museum Restroom ID Sign In Detail

While their Restroom Navigation Signs are a bit more cryptic, these final location-identifying Restroom ID Sign spell use out in more detail with an appropriate silhouette. These Restroom ID Sign also employ gender initials, and Men and Woman are spelled out in both type and Braille. I guess the secret’s out now. Seen at the InterNational Spy Museum, Washington DC.

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