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Store Fixtures Site for Sale

Fixtures Close Up
Store Fixtures Site for Sale

Tony Kadysewski
336 Four Seasons Drive
Drums, PA 18222

CELL: 570-578-9223

Executive Summary

FixturesCloseUp is a 12,000 post 32,000+ image pictorial inventory of unique or otherwise interesting small-scale fixtures seen across the entire range of retailing. This site documents varying outfitting and merchandising solutions, allows extensive retail fixtures search capabilities, and provides ideas and inspiration for new solutions and new applications.

Fixtures Close Up
Assets Quick-Read:

  • Site: 12,000 Active Posts, 32,000 Images
  • FixturesCloseUp Pinterest Site: 500 Boards and 21,500+ photo pins
  • 1,969,924 Lifetime Pageviews (Source: WordPress, Jan 2018)
  • 108,320 Annual Users (Source: Google Analytics, Jan 2018)
  • 125,994 Annual Sessions (Source: Google Analytics, Jan 2018)
  • 213,584 Annual Page Views (Source: Google Analytics, Jan 2018)
  • 1.70 Page Views per Session (Source: Google Analytics, Jan 2018)
  • 1:26 Average Session Duration (Source: Google Analytics, Jan 2018)
  • Founded 2009, with an 9 year continuous history on the web.
  • Readership target Retail Fixturing, Outfitting, Retail Point-of-Purchase
  • No heavy waste circulation in Flooring, Lighting, HVAC, Mannequins, etc.
  • Value of backlinks (Not Asking Price) $122,795 (Based upon 1% Top Link basis)
  • 3,896 Peak Daily Visitors: (November 18, 2015, Source WordPress)
  • 600+ Pre-written Draft posts in On-Deck Circle Ready for Posting
  • 680 Fixture Categories reported
  • Best Traffic Times: Afternoons, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
  • 1,850 LinkedIn Followers
  • Newly established FixturesCloseUp LinkedIn Company Page
  • Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, RSS, Instagram, and email / blog follower channels
  • Total Fixture Followers 5,339+
  • FixturesCloseUp Registered Trademark 2012-2027
  • Registered Domain
  • Industry Standard WordPress Format
  • 3-Month Content-Strategist-In-Residence support gratis

Store Fixtures
Site for Sale

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336 Four Seasons Drive
Drums, PA 18222



Tony Kadysewski SelfieObjective Traffic Comparison:

FixturesCloseUp attracts a
minimum of 15,000 visitors monthly
while 164 Million Blogs across the internet
get less than 1,000 visitors monthly.
Source: InBound Writer Infographic, 2015

Recommended Use Strategies:

  • Branding, Thought Leadership, and Promotional Exposure as Site Sponsor, ie, “ABC Manufacturing’s”
  • Social Media augmentation of existing fixtures brand.
  • Direct advertising vehicle with ads carried in companion column.
  • Cooperative ownership and direct advertising by several non-competing fixture manufacturers, distributors or design firms.
  • A supporting site in wheel-and-spoke marketing constellation of sites, i.e., tie-back and point traffic to your main website (For related theoretical discussion see “Importance of Using Silos in your SEO Strategy.“)
  • Vertical Niche Market specialty site supporting a narrower targeted range of your broader market
  • Given a post inventory of 12,000+ posts and over 680 topics or index pages, FixturesCloseUP is capable of both Long-Tail and Head-of-Distribution Search Optimization
  • Create a FixturesCloseUp Linkedin Group as outreach to the Retail and Point-of-Purchase Fixture Market. A FixturesCloseUp Company Page has already been set up.
  • Search Engine Optimization by deep linking individual FixturesCloseUp posts to corporate site pages and e-commerce product offerings. Value of backlinks estimated at (Not Asking Price) $122,795 (Based upon 1% Top Link basis)

Fixtures Close Up Fully Defined

Retail and Point-of-Purchase Fixture and Merchandising Reviews
in Close-Up Detail (See About FixturesCloseUp for detailed mission)

Launched: May 2009

Trademarks Owned With Definitions:

Fixtures Close Up®

On-line journals, namely, blogs featuring case studies, product reviews, cataloging by taxonomy, analysis and rating of design and function, comparison of alternative solutions, recommendations for design and production improvements, and best practices recommendations concerning store fixtures and point of purchase displays, a unified field.

Providing a website featuring blogs and non-downloadable publications in the nature of case studies, product reviews, cataloging by taxonomy, analysis and rating of design and function, comparison of alternative solutions, recommendations for design and production improvements, and Best Practices recommendations in the field Retail Store Fixtures and Point of Purchase Displays, a unified field.

Legal Force Trademarkia: FixturesCloseUp

FixturesCloseUp Granted Registered Trademark Status

Owned Domains:

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TOTAL FOLLOWERS: 7,987  (233 + 435 + 988 + 1,979 + 4,058 + 265 + 29)
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Wordpress Blog Followers: 233
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Pinterests Boards: 480+
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FixturesCloseUp Store Fixtures Site for Sale Owner Retirement

Store Fixtures Site for Sale

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