Chalkboard Catch-Of-The-Day Fish Choices

Chalkboard Catch-Of-The-Day Fish Choices

Chalkboard Catch-Of-The-Day Fish ChoicesCommunicating in an instant from a distance this illustrated Chalkboard Catch-Of-The-Day Fish Choices Easel Sign draws attention to the wares on sale. Choose Branzino, Trout, Flounder, or some other seafood simply called Fish. Note that hidden message in the detail of the fish’s scales is the “Fresh Catch” qualifier, quite necessary when selling fish. No one wants “stale” fish. This Chalkboard Catch-Of-The-Day Fish Choices Sign seen on Brighton Beach Avenue, Coney Island, Brooklyn NYC. No saying if the fish were caught in the nearby Sheepshead Bay or not. 

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Chalkboard Catch-Of-The-Day Fish Choices
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