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While all original posts here were published separately on a fixture-by-fixture basis, pulling them all together as this Curiosity Gift-Shop Outfitting Tour could make for convenient and holistic contemplation of this Channel of retailing. Hosted inside the Da Vinci Science Center, the institution itself excels overall in connecting people of all ages to the wonders of science in their lives, their creative curiosities, and tomorrow’s innovative careers. The Gift Shop follows in these rather large footsteps. See what merchandising is considered meaningful for display and sale, and how it is presented via the images and links below.

To take the Curiosity Gift-Shop Outfitting Tour in person visit the Da Vinci Science Center located in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, approximately 65 miles north of Philadelphia, PA, and 90 miles west of New York, NY. Its primary service area in eastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey is home to 4.9 million people.[3] (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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Science-Center Curiosity Gift Shop Sign
Science Center Stained-Glass Window-Art
Healthy-Hands-Start-Here Hand Sanitizer
Color-Coded Water Conservation Display
Mad-Libs Corrugated Floor Display
Astronaut Wicker Basket Counter-Top Display
Katyusha Whistle-Rocket Corrugated Display ”
Hang-By-The-Neck Plush Toy Display
Cuddle-Zoo Plush-Toy Wire-Basket Towers
Chime-Hearts Shelf-Top Plywood Box Display
Gem-Stones Wood Bulk-Bin Display
Key-Chain Plywood-Bin T-Hook Display
Test-Tube Acrylic Slatwall Ledge Display
Color-Coded Test-Tube Caps Communicate
Bob-The-Gob Clear Acrylic Bin Display
Vintage Classic Train Merchandising Display
Bubble-Wand Slatwall Loop Hook
Flying-Hoop Slatwall Loop Hook Display

Science Centry and Curiosity Shop service outfitting…

Science-Center Fire Alarm Annunciator
Science-Center Formally-Framed Evacuation Plan
Elevator Emergency Operation Notice
Gentle-Push Elevator Operations Explanation
Science-Center Stair Identification Sign

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