Hook Label-Holders Read Sideways

Hook Label-Holders Read Sideways

Normally I am the biggest fan of this chain’s micro-fixtures. I can always bank on finding something of interest at any of their stores.  But this Hook Label-Holders Read Sideways implementation violate my shopping expectations, are a tad hard to read, and increase visual clutter. Nor did they seem to tighten the display allowing more merchandise in less space.  Best practices would suggest a normal horizontal orientation for labels when it is so clearly possible. (To see a violation of this rule that has a rationale for existing visit “Rotated Toothbrush Label Holders” below).

EDITOR’S NOTE: I end with the puzzling thought: If label holders like this are rotated anti-clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere, would they need to be rotated clockwise in the Southern in an apparent attempt to compensate for the neck-tilt tendencies caused by the opposing Coriolis Effect there? Such are the questions that clutter the mind of a fixturer who started life studying engineering.

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