Artist's-Loft Acrylic-Paint-Tube Grid Hook

Artist’s-Loft Acrylic-Paint-Tube Grid Hook

Artist's-Loft Acrylic-Paint-Tube Grid HookAn end-of-aisle Artist’s-Loft Acrylic-Paint-Tube Grid Hook provides a small wall of product for browsing and selection. And as an artist you want to see that selection and how color varies across the spectrum. These Flatback Grid Scan Hooks allow finer horizontal adjustment and spacing than position-defined Pegboard. Metal Plate Label Holders host Vinyl Pouches for convenient Label Insertion. But on the downside consider the “sight leak” in this particular implementation. The eye has a more difficult time focusing on the item in the foreground, with background distractions visible through the openings in the Grid. Why not consider Gridwall backed by a gondola backboard to eliminate “sight leak” and give the tubes of color paint a neutral backdrop for presentation. This Artist’s-Loft Acrylic-Paint-Tube Grid Hook deployment seen at Michaels. 

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Artist’s-Loft Acrylic-Paint-Tube Grid Hook
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