John Deere Outdoor Power Equipment Catalog

John Deere Outdoor Power Equipment Catalog

John Deere Outdoor Power Equipment CatalogThis freestanding John Deere Outdoor Power Equipment Catalog is subtle in its cover branding only hinting at the line with a big green Riding Mower as hero. You can barely even make out the John Deere logo on the front. Branding inside is subtle in size too, but look close to see that every product listed carries the John Deere name and logo as introduction to the item name. So impressive repetition makes up for logo size in this branding strategy. The freestanding catalog holder is 3-Ring equipped to allow easy page turning and updating. Light and mobile, it can be positioned anywhere to capture attention. This John Deere Outdoor Power Equipment Catalog and stand seen at Lowes.

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John Deere Outdoor Power Equipment Catalog
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John Deere Outdoor Power Equipment Catalog
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