Tina’s Courthouse Cafe Cash-Only NoticeTina’s Courthouse Cafe Cash-Only NoticeIt’s surely not lack of trust for patrons that motivates this Tina’s Courthouse Cafe Cash-Only Notice. Many customers are police and court officers themselves. And even perpetrators would surely pay what they owe, if not for the fact a few might head to the local lockup rather than the local bank after their hearing. Better to play safe with receipts than sorry. This Tina’s Courthouse Cafe Cash-Only Notice seen at the seen in the Luzerne County Courthouse, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

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Tina’s Courthouse Cafe Cash-Only Notice
No $100 Bills at Dunkin’ Donuts
” Hasty Cash Only Payment Requirement
No Cash Accepted Retail

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Tina’s Cafe Basement Location Sign
Tina’s Courthouse Cafe Cash-Only Notice

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