Katyusha Whistle-Rocket Corrugated Display 

Katyusha Whistle-Rocket Corrugated Display

Katyusha Whistle-Rocket Corrugated Display Yes, possibly something of an exaggerated analogy, but Katyusha Whistle-Rocket Corrugated Display title is what came to mind in store and stuck until the post-writing. And this might be as deadly as a Katyusha if all Whistle Rockets were launched at once. Sadly the floppy orange package top sagged and obscured the pointed ballistic shape of the Rocket. I don’t have a solution, but emphasizing the rocket outline would surely draw more attention and sales. This Katyusha Whistle-Rocket Corrugated Display seen at the Curiosity Shop, Da Vinci Science Center, Allentown PA

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Katyusha Whistle-Rocket Corrugated Display “

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