Pomade Hair Dressing Shelf-Top Rack

Pomade Hair Dressing Shelf-Top Rack

Pomade Hair Dressing Shelf-Top RackThese Pomade Hair Dressing Shelf-Top Rack merchandised puck-like tins of Pomade, Grooming Cream, Defining Paste Molding Gel and more. Look close to see that the width of Open Wire Facing is designed specifically to support these Tins. But one wonders if a mainstream Loop Hook width might work as well, and allow this single fixture to both host Tins and hanging Carded merchandise as needed. Look close to see the cross-wire catch at the bottom of the fixture to keep it “hooked” to the shelf edge and always forwarded. A nice touch. This American Crew Shelf-Top Pomade Puck Rack example sent in by a FixturesCloseUp reader, as seen at Schnucks. A source may be OSI Creative as per the press here. 

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