Folding Chair Faceout Bar-Mount Display

Folding Chair Faceout Bar-Mount Display

Folding Chair Faceout Bar-Mount DisplayDon’t you wish you could use this Folding Chair Faceout Bar-Mount Display as a storage concept at home? This way chairs take up an absolute minimum of space and are not prone to topple or fall over. The array also makes a statement in retail. No way you can miss seeing this opportunity to stock up on extra seating for Thanksgiving, your card party, or a back yard wedding. Faceouts saddle-mount to bars and are easy to adjust horizontally. Two faceouts per chain make sure all hang level, though you must admit an angled hang on a single Faceout might look visually interesting. Metal Plate Label Holders at the front also act as product stops to keep inventory safely contained. This Folding Chair Faceout Bar-Mount Display seen at  Walmart. 

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Folding Chair Faceout Bar-Mount Display
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