Reynolds Grilling Foil Display Redux

Reynolds Grilling Foil Display Redux

Reynolds Grilling Foil Display Redux“If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” implies this Reynolds Grilling Foil Display Redux. The grill-like point-of-purchase display had been seen last season and earlier. But it does such a good job of looking like and saying “Grill” that it is a keeper and redeployed again. “Foil made for tough grilling jobs” is the tagline and promise. For any future  upgrade, one might consider hinting at the full range of uses visually or verbally… burgers, franks, baked potatoes, fish, grilled veggies, even baked bread. The uses are potentially endless. This Reynolds Grilling Foil Display Redux seen as a cross-sell near the Kingsford Charcoal Briquets at Gould’s, Conyngham PA. 

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Reynolds Grilling Foil Display Redux
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Reynolds Grilling Foil Display Redux

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