Sunglass Hut Shades of You Circular Tray

Sunglass Hut Shades of You Circular Tray

Sunglass Hut Shades of You Circular TrayThis Sunglass Hut Shades of You Circular Tray concept is both platter and pedestal like. The circular outline creates a distinctive display space for any and all eyewear. Look close to see a Shades of You tagline card typical of the retailer. This Sunglass Hut Shades of You Circular Tray seen on several separate displays.

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Shades of You Sunglass Hut Merchandising
Sunglass Hut Shades of You Circular Tray
Sunglass Hut Shades of You Outreach Form
Sunglass Hut Ray-Ban Best Gifts For Mom

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Sunglass Hut® Twist-Lock Post
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