Vitamin D Goat Milk Ultra-PasteurizedVitamin D Goat Milk Ultra-PasteurizedBased upon your culture and how you were raised, this Vitamin D Goat Milk Ultra-Pasteurized offering may or may not be just the thing. Sadly I am far too American to find the thought of other milks enticing, and even wince at the thought of Goat Cheese. Sorry to be such a sissy. But this Vitamin D Goat Milk Ultra-Pasteurized certainly catches the eye along the shelf edge with its Goat mascot illustration. Do see that this is “Ultra Pasturized” not just Pasturized, and contains just as much Vitamin D additive as your boring old cows milk. I checked for Goats Milk Cream for morning coffee, but did not find. Seen at Brighton Bazaar ethnic grocery, Little Odessa, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NYC.

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