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IKEA In-Store Wayfinding Strategy Explained

Finally IKEA In-Store Wayfinding Strategy Explained. FixturesCloseUp long ago reported on the physical signing of IKEA layouts and the shopper journey through the store. See the original reporting at ” IKEA In-Store Wayfaring Map Branded Spaces recently analyzed the IKEA shopper journey strategy in an outreach in far more detail and has given permission for FixturesCloseUp to reproduce their thoughts here. Enjoy the more detailed perspective and reach out to Branded Spaces to pursue. 

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The Secret To Ikea’s Journey Style Wayfinding Signage

If you’ve ever shopped at an Ikea store you’ve probably experienced the unique roundabout route the pathway and wayfinding signage forces you to travel. They call the plan “the long, natural way”, which if you’ve never experienced it, Ikea designs it in a one-way only layout where signs direct the way from one department to the next. The layout takes customers counter clockwise through the store displays and eventually leads them into the store’s warehouse area. The customer can now buy and take the product home. It’s designed to encourage the customer to see the entire store and it’s products. This is a stark difference when compared to a traditional retail store which allows a customer to go directly to the department of their choice without traveling through other parts of the store. An Ikea store is a brilliant example of an interior journey style wayfinding sign schematic.

Reasons and Ideas- The purposefully designed passageway, signage and cohesive brand experience allows for ease of directional understanding and leads the viewer in the desired path. Much like a museum, when you enter you experience wayfinding signage which takes you through all of the exhibits and out through the gift shop. When Ikea conceived their wayfinding sign schematic they followed the same 4 steps we do with our projects.

1. Create a treasure map style plan. This is a simple directional map with one path and  “stops”, which are key places or points you prefer the viewer stop at along their journey.

2. Differentiate your “stops” with design. Defining the “stops” will create a visual separation for your viewer allowing them to understand what they should be experiencing along the path.

3. The destination should be the goal or conclusion to the journey. Wherever the viewer ends up should be a profitable or impressionable space. Ikea and museums have their point of purchase at the end for instance.

4. Prepare signage concepts and incorporate your brand into the journey. Keep it simple with brand colors, but be sure to keep the American Disabilities Act standards in mind when creating.

Best Practice Tips – Journey wayfinding planning is critical to the customer experience and what your desired results are for your space. In Ikea’s model they follow a similar plan as museums and attractions. They lead the viewer through the space so that they experience every thing to offer without skipping anything. As you come to the end of the wayfinding journey they exit the viewer through a revenue gateway. In a sense the wayfinding acts as a customer service representative personally walking the shopper around the store.

Branded Spaces LogoAnalysis and commentary courtesy of Branded Spaces.

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