Michael Kors Multi-Branded Department

Michael Kors Multi-Branded Department

Michael Kors Multi-Branded DepartmentAt least three levels of name recognition are easily visible in this Michael Kors Multi-Branded Department. So either the brand is popular among shoppers, or the Michaels Kors outreach very aggressive. Sadly the largest and highest placed, and thereby most visible and a magnet to the offerings, is missing a key letter. One hopes inspectors don’t notice or brand integrity and continuity are not impacted. Tour the department in various zooms courtesy of the gallery of stepped slideshow images. This Michael Kors Multi-Branded Department courtesy of Macys, Lehigh Valley Mall, Allentown, Pennsylvania. 

Compare and contrast alternate signage styles at Macys…

” Effy Fine Jewelry Trunk Show at Macys
” Michael Kors Multi-Branded Department
” Mommy and Me Children’s Apparel Shout Out

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