Grinder Specialty Hooks for Pegboard

Grinder Specialty Hooks for Pegboard

Grinder Specialty Hooks for PegboardFor this unique tool, Grinder Specialty Hooks for Pegboard are best presentation and sales. But are Grinder designs similar enough to permit a single Hook design? This display consists of 5 DeWalt Hand Grinders and 1 Porter Cable at the far right. So maybe we can be 16% sure the solution can work anywhere for any brand. A large Metal Backplate Label Holder provides plenty of space for product identification and pricing. Consider the extra unused bottom hook in the unpropped photo. I might suggest its purpose is to hold coiled electric cord, but it was not used that way for either the DeWalt or Porter Cable units.  This Grinder Specialty Hooks for Pegboard seen at Tractor Supply. 

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