Lindt Bulk Pack For Pallet Rack Sales

Lindt Bulk Pack For Pallet Rack Sales

Offered in family size bundles of 6, this Lindt Bulk Pack For Pallet Rack Sales takes up little space for multiple item sales. See the large number “6” on the cartons attempts to play up the bargain. The display is an interesting study in color and design because of the gold Lindt logo. Gold is a tricky “color” with visibility very dependent upon lighting. See here that Lindt in gold is hard to read on both light and dark backgrounds. Calligraphers of old gold-foiled raised size or embossed areas so that the rounded surface would increase the gold reflectivity from many angles and keep it from becoming recessive agains a variety of backgrounds. (This tip from a one-time calligrapher and Juried Member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, yours truly) This Lindt Bulk Pack For Pallet Rack Sales seen at Costco.

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