Henri Bendel Old School Imprinting

Henri Bendel Old School Imprinting

For truly distinctive looking purses, clutches, bags and wallets consider this in-store Henri Bendel Old School Imprinting. Have your favorite item hand stamped for extra effect. And knowing that all Bendel Stores are scheduled for closure, you might even consider coming in to purchase the embossing equipment for extended use yourself. Consider in the gallery of images. Then read all the bad news about the chain in the editor’s note below. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sadly Henri Bandel will cease to exist after December 2019 after 123 years in the business. FixturesCloseUp.com will retail all Henri Bendel reporting over the last 10 years at INDEX: Henri Bendel Retail Fixtures for outfitting and merchandising research purposes. Curiously the Babies ‘R Us and Toys ‘R Us archives have proved more popular since those store closing than when the chain was open Possibly Henri Bendel will show such longevity virtually after the stores close physically.

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