Whisk Broom and Dust Pan Merchandising

Whisk Broom and Dust Pan Merchandising

Whisk Broom and Dust Pan MerchandisingWhich is a better selling proposition, the stacked creative typography of this Whisk Broom and Dust Pan Merchandising offer, or the commonplace “Dust Pan and Brush” turn of phrase? I have to applaud the extra creativity of the former, and positioning of a typically household item for car, truck and RV use at a Travel America Center. With few other cleaning items carded for Display Hook, the normally hangable “Broom and Pan” are offered on-shelf. See that there is more to this sales approach than you might think … and admire the thought and effort of expanding the item’s sales. It may only be a “Broom and Pan” but it is a livelihood for a factory full of workers somewhere. Whisk Broom and Dust Pan Merchandising outreach through Travel Center sales can only help the profit picture. 

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