Dick's Slatwall Wireform Shoe Displayer

Dick’s Slatwall Wireform Shoe Displayer

Allowing views of both the uppers and the sole, this Dick’s Slatwall Wireform Shoe Displayer sells the entire shoe. You do want good looking stylish uppers. But grip and tread are important too and vary by use. Here you see both at once, with back stock for selection by size immediately below. Consider the fixture design and construction. A very broad backplate features lugs for either Slatwall or Pegboard mount. The width resists lateral thrust and rotation. Twin flat plates provide a stable landing pad for shoe, though one could conceive of a wireforn solution here too. See successive views in the gallery of images. This Dick’s Slatwall Wireform Shoe Displayer in use at the Hamilton Center Store, Allentown, Pennsylvania. 

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