In-Store Veterinary Referral Recommendation Sign

In-Store Veterinary Referral Recommendation Sign

You decide if this Petco Cares In-Store Veterinary Referral Recommendation Sign a good idea or not. Yes I am sure they are asked all the time for Veterinary referrals. But should a retailer peg all its hopes and business referral on one location? Might it be better to list a number of referrals? How about cross-advertising arrangement with each veterinary clinic posting Petco’s name in return for a Petco referral? Of finally, maybe there is only one local veterinary clinic that specializes in the small pets listed by silhouette … turtle, small rodent, bird, and amphibian. The ultimate strategy is up to you. I like the cross referral at veterinary in exchange for listing in-store at Petco. This In-Store Veterinary Referral Recommendation Sign seen at Petco.

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