Shop Save Shine Spokesmodel Pirouettes

Shop Save Shine Spokesmodel Pirouettes

The Shop Save Shine Spokesmodel Pirouettes Pedestal headline reads “Shop. Save. Shine” with the assist of a visual redirect from the all-black ballerina. A closer look reveals a “BOLD elements” subtitle and sparkling jewelry for the “Shop” and “Shine” portion of the promise. The “Save” is yet to be seen, but now that you are engaged … visually and typographically … why not rummage through the offerings. Look close to see that like the spokesmodel, all other Table Top Fixtures and Fittings are also black. Seen at JCPenney.

Compare and contrast…

” Shop Save Shine Spokesmodel Pirouettes
” Purse Savings In The Bag Presentation ” (Pending)

Follow Tutu’s in retail merchandising at…

Tutu All-Wire Scan Hook Display
Pink Winter Tutu With Sheep
Give More, Get More in A Pink Tutu
” Shop Save Shine Spokesmodel Pirouettes

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” Shop Save Shine Spokesmodel Pirouettes
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Life Is Good But My Hair Is Better
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Macy’s® Thrives, Penney’s® Dives?
Happy You Year
Care For a Blanket In-Store?
JCPenney® Dine is The In-Store Sizzle
JCPenney Showrooming Extreme
Plywood Penguins In-Store
JCPenney® Slide-in Sleigh
JCPenney® Christmas Care Plan
JCPenney® Baker’s Buddha
Capon vs Thanksgiving Turkey
Slatwire Multi-Hook at JCPenny®
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Alice + Olivia® Bicycle Wheel Backdrop
Cook as Lifestyle Sophisticate
Upscale Potato Prop In-Store
Mustached Mannequin
Jonathan Adler® Happy is Chic
Jonathan Adler® Crazy Xmas Love
Flying the By & By Girl Brand
Michael Graves™ Brands a Bird
Pop-up MoMA Design Store
China on an S-Hook
Ceiling Carousel for Cups
Girls Shoes Square-Branded by JCP
Endcap Square is JCP Branding
Coming Spring 2013 to JCP

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