Shelf-Edge Bib Tag by Vitamin Shoppe

Shelf-Edge Bib Tag by Vitamin Shoppe

More of an overlay than tear-off Promo Tag, this Shelf-Edge Bib Tag by Vitamin Shoppe not only offers 50% Off loudly, but crosses off the regular price with an “x.” to drive the point home. The labor and cost of specific repricing is avoided by a “Discount taken at Register” footnote. Besides, even the roughest mental approximation of 50% off makes any purchase a good deal. This Shelf-Edge Bib Tag by Vitamin Shoppe seen deployed with matching red Sale Flags that project into the aisle for extra attention.

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” Shelf-Edge Sale Flag by Vitamin Shoppe
” Shelf-Edge New Flag by Vitamin Shoppe
” Shelf-Edge Bib Tag by Vitamin Shoppe

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” Free Sample Try-Me Built-In Waste Bin
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” Humor Me, Take a Shopping Carry Basket Now
” Spa Essentials Shopping Carry Basket Promo
” Shop With Confidence Aisle Violator
” Auto-Delivery Aisle Violator And More
” Sweet Sweat Branding At The Shelf-Edge
 Tea Tree Therapy Toothpick Merchandising

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” Shelf-Edge Bib Tag by Vitamin Shoppe
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