Tea Tree Therapy Toothpick Merchandising

Tea Tree Therapy Toothpick Merchandising

Yes, FixturesCloseUp tracks even toothpick outfitting and sales, hence this inclusion of Tea Tree Therapy Toothpick Merchandising. The solid-shelf clip-on plain paper label strip is interesting as outfitting and C-Channel replacement. But the marketing strategy of toothpicks of “Birchwood infused with Tea Tree Oil, Mint, and Other Natural Extracts” is focused directly at this Vitamin Shoppe’s clientele. Bravo. But “Buyer Beware” as tea plants are normally waist height with only untended plants reaching tree-like proportions, plus this package cautions “Cont. 100 approx.” As for the actual therapeutic value of Tea Tree Oil, I leave that up to you. This Toothpick Merchandising seen at Vitamin Shoppe, Wilkes-Barre PA.

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 Tea Tree Toothpick Merchandising
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 Tea Tree Toothpick Merchandising

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 Tea Tree Therapy Toothpick Merchandising

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