Dual-Use GridWall Bar Hook for iTunes

Dual-Use GridWall Bar Hook for iTunes

This Dual-Use GridWall Bar Hook for iTunes has been seen, but rarely in a use that could be so clearly imaged. All the more appropriate is its use in the foreground in Bar Mount Mode, while equally supportive Gridwall resides in the background. The motivation for the layered display surfaces was unknown, but a lucky happenstance for fixture review. Apple iTunes Gift Cards are seen predominantly in these closeups, but Google Play Gift Cards were given equal play across the entire display. Inspect closely in the Dual-Use GridWall Bar Hook for iTunes gallery of images.

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Grid Hooks outfit 1″ Grid, 3-4″ Grid, Gridwall, and SlatGrid vertical display surfaces. They may be All-Wire or Flat Metal Backplate in design and construction. Some Grid Hooks are limited in the range of Grid they can serve. Other designs fit literally all Grid Types. Gridwall and Grid can be affixed to the walls using a grid bracket, or used as floor displays. This Index of Grid Hooks and Gridwall Hooks reviews all types.

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