Cross-Slot Slotwall Endcap for Apparel

Cross-Slot Slotwall Endcap for Apparel

This is a rare implementation of Cross-Slot Slotwall Endcap for Apparel. Though it is occasionally seen, I have never seen outfitting that takes advantage of the vertical slot. Then Mushroom Finial Faceouts could just as easily serve Slatwall, Slatwire, and Slatgrid as this Cross-Slot Slotwall. Do take note that for an acrylic or other plastic display surface, any Backplates should be big and broad so as to spread the load. Consider this Cross-Slot Slotwall Endcap for Apparel in detail in the gallery of images. Seen at Pottery Barn Kids at the Short Hills Mall, Chatham NJ.

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