Crayola Back-To-School Category Definition

Crayola Back-To-School Category Definition

Crayola pulled all its items together in a single island display to create Back-To-School List Category Definition. The category definition is both by need (Back-To-School) and by brand (Crayola) so a marketing two-fer success. Endcaps are branded and visually communicate. The main masthead spells out the School List in type: Crayons, Markers, Pencils, and Paint. If there is anything you need not subcategorized, you need the Crayola Postgraduate Back-To-School List which is a bit more advanced. For now, this Crayola Back-To-School List Category Definition seen at Staples.

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Crayola Back-To-School Category Definition
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Top-of-the-Line Crayola Color Coded Gravity-Feed Rack
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Crayola Crayon Pick-Your-Own-Color Display
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Glorious Crayola Display Meltdown
Back-to-School Crayon Balloon Sign
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Back-To-School Specifics By The Dollar Place
Creativity For All Colorful Star Burst Endcap Visual

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