Under-Shelf Faceout For Cat & Jack Sneakers

Under-Shelf Faceout For Cat & Jack Sneakers

Get on Top of accessory cross sells with this Under-Shelf Faceout For Cat & Jack Sneakers. Shoes were not the main feature of the display. But under-shelf Saddle-Mount Bar Hooks made sure sneakers were not left out of the picture. Browse the gallery of images and do note the Metal Disk finials as Productstops and Safety feature. This Under-Shelf Faceout For Cat & Jack Sneakers seen at Target.

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Under-Shelf Faceout For Cat & Jack Sneakers
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Hook Finials are the elements that end a Hook Frontwire. Hook Finials can be circular, square, triangular or literally any shape. Hook Finials may also be simple, very fancy, and even branded to represent a product or company. Safety Ball-End Hooks are a type of hook with a very common Ball-shaped finial. They merit their own Index Page here on FixturesCloseUp. See “Ball-Ends / Ball-Stops Index Page

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Under-Shelf Faceout For Cat & Jack Sneakers
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