Cookware Strip Merchandiser Cross Sell

Cookware Strip Merchandiser Cross Sell

If you are already grocery shopping and just realized you don’t have a pot to p__ in, this Cookware Strip Merchandiser Cross Sell aims to resolve your quandary. I recommend it because of its high visibility and unusual product presence. I am sure you’d want to give deep thought to the adjacency and cross-sell strategy in deployment. Given the weight, don’t forget the heavy-duty mounting bracket. See as if in aisle drive by in the gallery of images. This Cookware Strip Merchandiser Cross Sell seen at Food Bazaar, Cliffside Park NJ.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Clip Strip® (i.e. the original Display Strip Merchandiser) is a brand name that is well-nigh synonymous with the actual retail fixture but a trademark of Clip Strip Corp. It is similar to how Jello® is often a sought-after brand name for Gelatin desserts. Follow the evolution and development of shelf-edge point-of-purchase marketing and the Clip Strip® as seen through the eyes of the earliest driving force in this industry at About Clip Strip Corp. Consider the present diversity of this shelf-edge marketing approach at Clip Strip Merchandising Strips.

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Cookware Strip Merchandiser Cross Sell
Heavy-Duty Cookware Strip Merchandiser Mount

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Cookware Strip Merchandiser Cross Sell
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