Minion Mini Loop Hook For Slatwall

Minion Mini Loop Hook For Slatwall

Mini Loop Hook For Slatwall are a rarity, being small, lightweight versions of their beefier big brothers. But a school backpack is light in itself, so maybe a good paring with this hook in a pinch. It did allow quick placement of this Minion licensed merchandised where it would be most seen and, hopefully, purchase. For Mini Loop Hook For Slatwall and more styles and implementations, scroll down.

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Minion Mini Loop Hook For Slatwall
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Minion Mini Loop Hook For Slatwall

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Loop Hooks are distinguished by a single product frontwire that doubles back upon itself, creating the Loop. There are Display and Scan Hook variants of Loop Hook design. There are also specially designs where the Loops are vertical in orientation rather than the common horizontal configuration. Also see “Twin Hook Index Page

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Minion Mini Loop Hook For Slatwall
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Carry-Handled Toilet-Seats
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Pouch Merchandising by Hook
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