Consumer vs Commercial Waterfall Hooks

Consumer vs Commercial Waterfall Hooks

Waterfall, T-Hook, J-Hook and Boxer-configured are all terms that could be applied to these Consumer vs Commercial Waterfall Hooks. One is described in an earlier FixturesCloseUp review as a Boxer J-Hook. But whatever terminology you use the sharing is to stimulate retail fixture design via a peek at what is offered to consumers for home use. Browse the main and gallery photos to consider the assortment and individual features. These Consumer vs Commercial Waterfall T-Hooks seen at California Closets Showroom, Lancaster PA.

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Consumer vs Commercial Waterfall Hooks
California Closets Boxer J-Hook

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Hand-Tied Hand-Lettered Retail Warning
Consumer vs Commercial Waterfall Hooks
Consumer vs Commercial Retail Multi-Hooks
Consumer vs Commercial Slatwall Hooks
Consumer vs Commercial Leaf Rake Hook

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California Closets Mission Statement
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Retail Showroom Billboard Advertising
California Closets Boxer J-Hook
California Closets Faceout Angles

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California Closets® Staff-less Kiosk Sales Pitch

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