Consumer vs Commercial Slatwall Hooks

Consumer vs Commercial Slatwall Hooks

More comparison and idea stimulation to be seen in this Consumer vs Commercial Slatwall Hooks assortment. Some concepts familiar to one category or the other, but each can learn something new from several of the Slatwall Hook creations and uses. The display itself is part of a creative cross sell by California Closets, from closet installation to garage and workshop applications. In either home or store, I would be proud to show off such Hooks. These Consumer vs Commercial Slatwall Hooks seen at California Closets, Lancaster PA.

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Hand-Tied Hand-Lettered Retail Warning
Consumer vs Commercial Waterfall Hooks
Consumer vs Commercial Retail Multi-Hooks
Consumer vs Commercial Slatwall Hooks
Consumer vs Commercial Leaf Rake Hook

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California Closets Welcome Sign Stand
California Closets Mission Statement
California Closets Branded Sign Standoffs
Retail Showroom Billboard Advertising
California Closets Boxer J-Hook
California Closets Faceout Angles

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California Closets® Staff-less Kiosk Sales Pitch

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Endless Tray Shelf Talker Ups The Promotional Ante
Endless Label Strip For Endless Open Wire Tray
Power Cable Choices Abound In Slatwall Bins
The Bold Look of Kohler® Brands Showroom Slatwall
DoIt® Multi-Brand Power Tool Ledge
Open Wire vs Square Perforated Slatwall Shelves
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Slatwall Shelves and Baskets With Standoffs
Sons of Anarchy® Slatwall Ledge With Kickstand
Cap Slatwall Ledge With Kickstand
Napkin Tablecloths for Glassware Sales
Heavy-Duty C-Channel Ledge for Grid
Slatwall Squares as Retail Display Wainscoting
Wicker Shelves Sell Veggie Sticks
Shutterfly® Advertises on Slatwall
Burton® Branded Slatwire Tray
Reinventing The Slotwall Tray
Narrow Ledge for Slatwall Endcap
Imaginative Backplate Uses
Sustainable Slatwall Shelf
Bath-and-Body Slatwall Trays
Sunglasses By Slatwall Ledge.”
Slatwall Sunglass Ledges x 2
Slatwall or Tower Hat Tray
Simple Extruded Shelf or Tray
Slotwall Shoe Ledges
Multi-Facing Wireform Ledge

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