SciFi Fantasy Mannequins Now On Sale

SciFi Fantasy Mannequins Now On Sale

I am s SciFi but not Gaming fan so my apologies If I do not immediately recognize these SciFi Fantasy Mannequins Now On Sale. My apologies also for the gender bias in pricing in that the girl is $1.200 but the guy is $1,299. Maybe the extra $99 is for his two back-slung Ninja swords. Frankly I thought the girl cute even if a bit more Goth than my dream girl. Still I would have paid far more for her than her male companion. But since my wife only gives me a few dollars as pocket change, I had to leave the store alone. The retail outfitting angle is mannequins as merchandise, window dressing, and point-of-purchase display all in one. These SciFi Fantasy Mannequins Now On Sale seen at a f.y.e. (For Your Entertainment) outlet at the Lehigh Valley Mall, Allentown PA. If you visit, please give my regards to the girl.

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SciFi Fantasy Mannequins Now On Sale
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SciFi Fantasy Mannequins Now On Sale
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