Redneck Pickup Truck Toolbox Merchandising

Pickup Truck Toolbox Merchandising

Red-blooded American’s drive Pickup Trucks. And they are all the more red-blooded if equipped with a cargo bed Diamond Plate Pickup Truck Toolbox. For true impact and to pluck at the heartstrings of vehicle shoppers these toolboxes are displayed full size. Nevertheless I found the display somehow recessive. How about a stack of 3 (move the black to the bottom) with the uppermost open for inspection. I did not find the on-item signage helpful, more obscuring the toolboxes, as do the orange side tables. But the display is a start, and my purpose in reviewing is so you can grow the idea from this basic configuration. A finishing touch and cross-sell might be “Easy Rider Gunracks.” Browse Pickup Truck Toolbox Merchandising in the gallery of images below.

Tonneau Cover Display outfitting…

Competitive Tonneau Cover Display Lineup
Access Tonneau Cover Display For Pickup Trucks
Extang Tonneau Cover Display For Pickup Trucks
Undercover Tonneau Cover Display For Pickup Trucks
DeeZee Oversize Saddle-Mount All Wire Hook
Pickup Truck Toolbox Merchandising

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Pickup Truck Toolbox Merchandising
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