Gaiam Athleisure Yoga Lifestyle Endcap

Gaiam Athleisure Yoga Lifestyle Endcap

I found the Gaiam branding memnonic and reminiscent of Gaia both as Greek Goddess and modern ecological philosophy. A perfect subject for this Athleisure Yoga Lifestyle Duality in display. The balanced but asymmetrically positioned Mannequin is the hero, the brand, logo, and athleisure wear following close after. But click through the gallery of images for both front and back views of the display duality, as accessories and incidentals cross sell from the rear. Gaiam has created its own self supporting merchandising ecology all in this small footprint. This Gaiam Athleisure Yoga Lifestyle Duality seen at Kohls.

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Gaiam Athleisure Yoga Lifestyle Duality
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Gaiam Athleisure Yoga Lifestyle Duality
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