No Firearms, No Nothing, But We’re Here For You

No Firearms, No Nothing, But We’re Here For You

The headline is a welcoming “We’re Here For You” but certain rather severe conditions apply … mainly No Firearms, No Nothing! No smoking, no food, no pets, no photos, no solicitation and lastly and largest no firearms. In case you need it or prefer, limitations are also spelled out in Spanish. But other than No Firearms, No Nothing, please come on in y’all.

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RELATED BACKSTORY: Concealed carry, or CCW (carrying a concealed weapon), refers to the practice of carrying a handgun or other weapon in public in a concealed or hidden manner, either on one’s person or in close proximity. While most law enforcement officers carry their duty pistol in a visible holster, some officers, such as plainclothes detectives or undercover agents, carry their pistols in concealed holsters. In some countries and jurisdictions, some civilians are legally able or obliged to carry concealed handguns. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

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